Friday, 6 June 2014



This is Sabina.  Some would say it’s just an average dog one could see
every day, but that's wrong. She might be a mother to two puppies, but
she’s also a puppy herself when it comes to playing.

 Many times humans must grow up too soon and miss the most important part of their lives, their childhood. Sabina also missed hers. Living with an old grandma who didn’t actually care, Sabina had to take care of herself. Despite of having her own yard, she lived on the streets with constant fear of being run over with a car, getting hit by a rock or stick or kicked by humans.

On top of that, she wasn’t spayed and males were attacking her constantly which left her with six puppies. Only two survived, no one knows what happened to the rest. Sabina also had mange which has now been treated. All in all, her life so far wasn’t a
fairytale, but it’s all going to change because now she has people who actually care and we’ll do everything to make her feel better and happy until someone decides to take her home and continue making her happy

Name: Sabina
Gender: Female
Breed: Cocker spaniel mix
Birth: cca October 2011.
Vacc./chipped: Yes
Spayed: Soon to be

Location: Da Sapu! Vukovar shelter
Ref:  HR-DSV-Sabina-000022

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