Friday, 6 June 2014


This is Prince, an incredibly brave young dog that we saved from a public shelter that abused and neglected the animals it was meant to care for. Starving them, beating them, the vet operating on them without any form of anaesthesia. We rescued this young dog from the final fate that so many before him did, either starving to death, dying from the injuries sustained in that place or being brutally murdered by the cheapest and most barbaric means at the shelter workers disposal

The animals that found themselves in this place were not aggressive or terrible dogs, but scared and terrified ones, abandoned pets who were no longer wanted as they were not small puppies anymore, because the owners got bored of them, because in Romania this is exactly what they do with there animals.

Poor Prince was one of these animals, finding himself in one of the worst killing stations in that country, Craiova – The butchers shelter. When he first arrived to our charity he was so very timid, scared and literally terrified of humans.


We have has the honour of watching this young dog blossom into the confident, loving and friendly dog he is today.

He has been through so very much, he deserves that chance he almost was deprived of...The chance of a warm, loving home. The chance of being part of a family that will care and take care of him as much as he will them.


Prince is now in a foster in Staffordshire and is showing just how much he loves being in a home. He knows his bedtime and goes off to sleep with no fuss or noise, has been house trained since they took him in and just loves playing with toys, and with other dogs. He has a very placid side when it is time for fusses with the right mix of playfulness. He is very loving and has a fantastic temperament and personality.

This boy has endured so very much, he deserves a happy life and we just know there is a family or someone out there who can offer that to him. In return he will be your best friend , loyal and true to you, only wanting your love and care in return for all he has to give.

Currently in foster in Staffordshire


Loves human company, is good with other friendly dogs (not cat tested)
Family with children 10 yrs + advised, purely because smaller children may scare him

Prince is:
Fully Vaccinated
Has a EU Pet passport
Ref: AAFA/Staffs

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