Saturday, 14 June 2014


Andora led a miserable existence on the street, with lack of food and water .. no shelter and constant fight, often to the death, between dogs with everything in such short supply. She, at some time will probably have been attacked herself but will certainly have seen the horrors of dogs fighting and heard the horrific sounds. In addition to this she would have seen and hear the cries of her fellow street dogs are they were beaten at killed by local people.

Andora was eventually taken off the street and taken to a public pound, and she might have thought her troubles were over. However at the public pound there are 20+ dogs in every kennel and they are given little food and water so the fights continue and many dogs die, either because of the fights or through hunger and thirst.

Andora in her foster home

Andoras' luck really changed when a lovely couple form the UK agreed to foster her and give her the chance of a new life. At first she was a little nervous and quiet but showed no signs of aggression and it was obvious from the start what a beautiful girl was behind the nervous girl they were seeing. However, after a short time her trust in her foster family grew and so did her confidence. She gets on fantastically with the dogs at the foster carers home and just loves to play, but she is also very loving and adores human contact.

Andora playing with her foster brother

Due to her breed and size Andora does have a lot of energy and will need a home with a large garden and will also need a lot of long walks. So, a family with an active lifestyle will be needed. She gets on very well with other dogs but and a home with another dog would suit her very much, however it would need to be a medium/large dog as in play she is very boisterous. Andora is fine with children, however we would suggest in the home only children over 14 years of age, again due to her size and energy. A smaller child could be hurt by her, purely accidentally, in play.

Andora  is 18 kg and fully grown so medium sized.  She is a beautiful and friendly girl who will make a wonderful family member and companion.  She is great with people and other dogs.  She has been in foster since 15/2/14, so will need a little time to adjust before she is ready for her new family but please get in touch if you can offer Andora a home. 

Vaccinated: yes
Neutered: yes
Treated for fleas and worms: yes
Microchipped: yes
EU passport: yes

Age: 1 year
Weight:  18 kg

Saturday, 7 June 2014


Found in the mountains, north of Romania, at the beginning of May, they are now about 5 months old.

 Valery and Andy when they were rescued...Andy is the white boy and Valery the little brown girl...Both are currently being fostered in Staffordshire...

Valery is very quiet and sweet, getting along very well with other dogs and cats.

Andy is still smaller than Valery, he's very talkative and territorial. His personality is perfect for a family without other animals, although he's used to being with other dogs.

Name: Valery and Andy
Age: 5 Months
Sex: Female and Male
Ref: Kendra Pinder


Just like his brother, Tesco lived in a drain ditch near a fast road, in a village near Vukovar. 

Peasants ignored them, usually only hit them when they passed nearby, and yelled at our volunteer who tried to help them by bringing food and water anytime she could. 

When our dogs got adopted in the UK we were able to pick him up and now he’s safe in foster waiting for someone to adopt him.


Name: Tesco
Gender: Male
Breed: Half breed
Birth: around August 2013.
Chipped: Yes
Neutered: Yes

Location: Da Sapu! Vukovar foster home
Ref: HR-DSV-Tesco-000056


Darko was found wondering the streets of Zagreb and is still in need of a home.  

He was very lucky to be saved by a local NGO as the life of a stray in Croatia is usually not a happy one, full of hunger, suffering and brutality.

Darko is good with dogs, people and children, full of character and very cute.  He is a lovely cuddly dog who desperately wants to be a best friend and family member.   

Watch video of Darko -

Name: Darko
Gender: male
Birth: December 2013

Weight: 20 kgs
Vaccinated/chipped: yes
Neutered: soon

Location: local rescue 7-9's foster home
Ref: HR-7-9-Darko-000149


Ella is around 2 years old Pekingese cross (maybe a Tibby cross)..She is very sweet loving, gentle girl. She gets along with all dogs, children and would fit into any family really well. She is on death row. Fully vaccinated and spayed. 
Death date: 12.November

 Name: Ella
Age: 2 Years
Sex: Female
Vaccinated: Yes
Spayed: Yes
Ref: Kendra Pinder


Milla is approx. one and a half ( max two ) years old , she is Labrador retriever mix , white long coated beauty with gorgeous mellow temper . 
She was found on the outskirts of Sarajevo ,near the free way ,with her two 4 month old puppies (from her first litter) and her new litter of puppies ( 7 puppies just 25 days old ....) She was starved ,full of wounds but such a sweetheart and such a kind dog .. We took the two sick 4 month old puppies (Laurel and Hardy ), placed them in a Pension (are now fully recovered and also seeking a home and are also completely travel ready and as mellow as their mom ) and placed Milla with her still breast feeding puppies to a foster.

Unfortunately, soon after , the puppies got parvo and died in the matter of hours ... I immediately took poor Milla and fostered her in my apartment because she was so sad and did not stop seeking her puppies for 10 days .... When she was recovered ,and her milk vanished,I took her to be spayed and to get her Rabies vaccine and to do the whole vet check up ,passport and everything... 

 Milla was then reunited with her two grown up boys Laurel and Hardy at a very nice Pension like foster where she has been since .


 She has been leash trained, she is the most assertive and mellow dog I have ever met . She is very affectionate to puppies and kids .Very loyal and obedient.  Loves humans. Has no issues what so ever ! She is like a stuffed toy,you can cuddle her,you can kiss her and all she wants is more and more :) 

 Milla is travel ready (has received all her vaccines, Rabies, has been de-wormed with Panacur , is used to being brushed regularly and taken to the Pet grooming salon , has been treated with Advocate ,is micro-chipped and is spayed ) .
She goes along great with other dogs,regardless of their size or temperament . 
Is good with cats ,chicken and other animals ( she will not harm them but she will not also play with them) .

Due to her having had a litter puppies and to summer period,her coat has shed so it will grow back as it is seen on the first photos .
A home check up is must for the potential adopter,as well as signing the adoption agreement , some update from time to time from the adopter would be nice as I treat Milla like she is my own skin-and-bones <3  This would cover the Pension debt and to buy the EU certificate (which is not included in the kind donation for the transport costs).The adoption fee would be  £70 . 

If you have some more questions or want some more photos ,please mail me .
This is Milla's Facebook Album (it is Public,so you can see more photos and the original Posting when we first found them all ).

Name: Milla
Age: 2 Years Approx
Sex: Female
Spayed: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
Ref: Mia O┼żegovi


Snow was a stray dog in Speranta, Romania during the very harsh winter of 2012.  She was sheltering under a bench when a huge block of ice detached from the roof and crushed the bench and Snow underneath.  The local organization Speranta Pentru Animale was called and they went to rescue Snow.  She had a pelvic fracture, disrupted hip joint and a broken femur and they tried to save her leg but she never regained the capability to walk on it again so she had an amputation.  Snow is not restricted very much with three legs and is a loving dog looking for a home.  She  is currently being fostered in Aylesbury, Bucks.   This is her story told by Speranta Pentru Animale -

 She is house trained, walks on a harness, loves her strokes, treats and walks. Snow is a little shy, and a bit scared of other dogs. Snow needs a quiet home with no young children.

Her foster carer says -

She is a lovely loving dog and no trouble at all. She gets on well with our bitch, has her moments with our big boy but that's probably as much his fault as hers. I have the feeling she may have lived in a house before as it only took a couple of days for her to understand we would like if she went to the toilet outside. She loves to go for a walk is shy with other dogs and people but not snappy or aggressive. She doesn't like crowds. She walks well with a harness but doesn't have road sense. She likes to be brushed, loves to be stroked. Would suit a quiet family possibly with another gentle bitch. She isn't food aggressive but does guard her treats from our big male dog but not from our young bitch.  Lovely gentle dogs needs someone who will be gentle with her and not too loud.

Snow is camera shy so it's hard to get decent pictures of her!

Vaccinated: yes
Neutered: yes
Treated for fleas and worms: yes

Microchipped: yes
EU passport: yes

Age: 3 years
Weight: 15kg
Located: Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.


This lovely girl is Kandy.  Kandy lived on the streets of Romania having been thrown out by a family who just didn't want her anymore. The streets of Romania is an horrific place for dogs with lack of food, water and shelter leading to desperate and sometimes fatal fights between them. In addition some people in these areas will physically abuse the dogs, beating them, kicking them and killing them. This is a hard enough life for a dog born on the streets but psychologically it will have been absolute torment for a girl who once knew a home.

Kandy's story sadly shows how frightening and cruel the people are to stray dogs. Having lost weight and being in poor physical shape Kandy was wandering a street doing everything she could to find a morsel of food and something to drink.  She was unsteady and confused when all of a sudden a local person started driving their car at her trying to hit her .. for no other reason than their own entertainment. Kandy was terrified, trying to flee for her life but she just didn't have the energy.

 Kandy was one of the lucky ones though as by absolute coincidence Kendra Pinder of Action Aid for Animals was in Romania and being driven around the streets by a local rescue in order to see the life these dogs were living. On seeing what was happening, Kendra and one of the people from the rescue jumped from their van and confronted the person in the car. The person involved did not care one iota about the suffering they were causing but it gave the rescue and Kendra time to catch Kandy and get her into the safety of their van, had they not done this it is very certain that Kandy would have been killed feeling pain and absolute terror.

Kandy was taken to a local rescue shelter where she received medical treatment, food and water. Over time she grew stronger and, despite all that had been done to her she showed a lot of trust and love for the people that had saved her.  She appeared to have an old injury as she had some lameness in the back legs so she saw two vets in Romania, one very respected and trusted implicitly.  After viewing the xrays it was decided that because of the way the old injury had healed it would not be of benefit to re-break the bone as there was no guarantee it would help and could cause her more problems.  Kandy has got stronger but will always have unsoundness in the back legs, it does not stop her running around and she has a lot of energy.

Kandy was in kennels in Staffordshire having been brought to the safety of the UK to continue her physical and emotional recovery but is now thriving in a foster home. She is very friendly to all the humans who help her and work with her although she can be a little nervous of new people at first. In a short time though, she soon comes round and then just loves her fusses and cuddles and a LOT of play. She is full of fun and energy so will need an environment that allows for her size and physical needs. She will need a lot of exercise and a home with a large garden would be most suitable.

It is important that Kandy finds a home as soon as possible as her foster home cannot keep her beyond the end of May.  We can't bear to see her back in kennels and foster space is in short supply.  If you feel you could give this adorable girl a home please contact us. She has been through so much and now needs, and deserves, a place to call 'home' forever.

She's a sweet girl, who follows the resident Rottweiler around trying to get him to play with her. Even though she had a terrible experience and her back legs hop and skip a little, she is amazing - loves to run and walks nicely on the lead but needs more training on pavements and specifically near traffic because she's still scared of cars, understandably.
She loves to play with soft toys and tug toys too. She doesn't eat much and doesn't bother you for food but does have her food separately from the others because the other dogs would eat hers too. We have a flexible lead for her and she loves to chase around on the hill. She's perfectly clean in the house and sleeps all night with no problems at all. She's very pretty, just like a puppy really. She has lots of energy and likes cuddles. Very friendly to people and even little ones who she meets and to other dogs, very well behaved on her walk about does like to say hello to them all.

Vaccinated: yes
Neutered: yes
Treated for fleas and worms: yes

Microchipped: yes
EU passport: yes

Weight: 13kg
Age: 2 years
Located: Gloucester foster home