Friday, 6 June 2014


Here is my story, I was supposed to be a guard dog for a company but the trouble is I adore humans, so I really was not very good at this guard dog malarky, any way the company went bust, I was no longer needed so they stopped feeding me, I had no choice but to wander off in search of food.

the streets in Croatia are not safe for dogs like me having to search for food, traffic, being beaten and things thrown at you, having to fight for any food lying around. some of the people were kind and fed me and even patted me but some were cruel and just shouted at me or hit me, I ran away from those people. I was also hit on the head with a heavy tin near one of my ears and I now i do not hear very well in that ear.

I was finally caught and my ex owner took me back, but he did not look after me and left me in his yard, so again I had no choice but to wander in the search for food again, again I was caught and put in a tiny cage, only this time my owner did not want to know and now I am in a shelter being looked after. It is not a brilliant shelter but at least I am safe and being cared for and I adore the people looking after me, I get lots of cuddles and fusses ( told you I was a big softie) they are now trying to find me a nice home. I like other dogs too !!

Vaccinated to legal requirements for travel
EU passport


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