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Andora led a miserable existence on the street, with lack of food and water .. no shelter and constant fight, often to the death, between dogs with everything in such short supply. She, at some time will probably have been attacked herself but will certainly have seen the horrors of dogs fighting and heard the horrific sounds. In addition to this she would have seen and hear the cries of her fellow street dogs are they were beaten at killed by local people.

Andora was eventually taken off the street and taken to a public pound, and she might have thought her troubles were over. However at the public pound there are 20+ dogs in every kennel and they are given little food and water so the fights continue and many dogs die, either because of the fights or through hunger and thirst.

Andora in her foster home

Andoras' luck really changed when a lovely couple form the UK agreed to foster her and give her the chance of a new life. At first she was a little nervous and quiet but showed no signs of aggression and it was obvious from the start what a beautiful girl was behind the nervous girl they were seeing. However, after a short time her trust in her foster family grew and so did her confidence. She gets on fantastically with the dogs at the foster carers home and just loves to play, but she is also very loving and adores human contact.

Andora playing with her foster brother

Due to her breed and size Andora does have a lot of energy and will need a home with a large garden and will also need a lot of long walks. So, a family with an active lifestyle will be needed. She gets on very well with other dogs but and a home with another dog would suit her very much, however it would need to be a medium/large dog as in play she is very boisterous. Andora is fine with children, however we would suggest in the home only children over 14 years of age, again due to her size and energy. A smaller child could be hurt by her, purely accidentally, in play.

Andora  is 18 kg and fully grown so medium sized.  She is a beautiful and friendly girl who will make a wonderful family member and companion.  She is great with people and other dogs.  She has been in foster since 15/2/14, so will need a little time to adjust before she is ready for her new family but please get in touch if you can offer Andora a home. 

Vaccinated: yes
Neutered: yes
Treated for fleas and worms: yes
Microchipped: yes
EU passport: yes

Age: 1 year
Weight:  18 kg

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