Friday, 6 June 2014


This very handsome lad is Mourgo. He was rescued from Crete where, as unbelievable as it might sound, his size and colour mean that he is seen as unadoptable and better left on the streets to face starvation, dehydration, abuse and cruelty. 

A lovely lady is did her best for him by making sure he was fed, vaccinated and finally finding a shelter for him to stay for a while. 

He was in a dog pension (similar to our shelters) but the people who owned it decided they would not take or keep any homeless dogs as they made a lot of money by tourists using them to keep their dogs while they were out and about on holiday.So out onto the streets this poor sweet boy was thrown.

This wonderful young dog is now being fostered in the UK, though he no longer is having to try to survive the harsh and cruel streets of Crete, he desperately needs his very own forever home.

Mourgo has bucketfulls of love to give. He adores human company and loves fusses and cuddles. 

He does take a bit longer to relax around men than women but only until he realises they won't hurt him. 

He would be better suited to a home with no other dogs as he does find it hard to socialise with his canine friends because when he was on the streets he was not up to the fights and territorial stuff like the other more dominant and aggressive dogs were. 
If you could be that amazing family that could make this gentle loving dogs dreams come true, please contact our charity as soon as possible

Mourgus is
Anti Rabies vaccinated
EU passport

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