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This incredibly handsome and gentle fellow is Prometheus. Looking at his photo above you would never know what an awful and vile life this poor little dog had until our network of Croatian rescuers saved him.

Could you imagine existing knowing that every single day, every morning when the front door of your owner's house opens that the woman who was meant to care for you would come to where she had chained you, would scream, kick, punch and then beat you with a specially prepared piece of wood instead of hugging you and feeding you? 

Well this is exactly what poor little Prometheus had to endure, this was the then owner's routine.  For his entire 5 years of life this poor lad was kept in the most appalling conditions. From a pup he was chained to an old wooden box. He had to survive for 5 years in extreme weather conditions ranging from blistering heat to -37 temperatures

He spent his whole life on a chain, a chain that not once was altered to account for him growing from a pup into an adult dog. The chain had cut into his neck, so all this plus regular daily physical abuse.

One day the old woman did not open her door to come and beat and abuse him, in fact no-one opened that door to come to this poor little dog. The woman had in fact died.

You would think that this was salvation for Prometheus but it was not. The woman's family when collecting the woman's body and then emptying her house could have at least cut away this dog's chains so he could have a chance to survive. 

However this is Croatia where strays and unwanted pets are seen as vermin and so they walked past him and left him there, knowing that he would starve to death.

 As the weeks went by, thankfully the woman was not there to come and beat this poor dog, neither was there anyone to come and throw even a slice of bread his way. The neighbours realized what had happened and tried to feed him as best they could, living in poverty themselves they fed him with any scraps they could manage. 

They could have released him from his chains but you have to understand the different type of mentality in such rural locations of Croatia.  For many weeks after this poor dog already suffered a life that none of us would have been able to endure, he now had no choice but to sit and wait for death.

One day instead of a neighbour coming to him with a stale piece of bread, a young woman approached with a silver pot in her hands, the pot was filled with meat and other delicious things, something this dog who had lived for 5 years had never seen anything like.  

She approached him, but he was too scared, he had known nothing but abuse and cruelty, he was not to know that this young woman was a rescuer. 

Instead of picking up the wooden beating stick the old woman would use every day for the last 5 years, this woman raised her hand and patted Prometheus on his head, and stroked his fur. She then placed the silver pot filled with food by him and stepped back to allow him to eat. 

After Prometheus had finished eating a miracle happened, the young woman broke the chain away that had been holding him all his life and she bent down and lifted him to her chest. She picked this little dog up and put him in her car. She drove him for many hours to a place that when they approached Prometheus just stared at in amazement, not sure what to make of it. Behind a big gate running towards him were so many dogs, wagging their tails and coming to greet a new member of their gang, Prometheus. These dogs would know what Prometheus had been through as many of them had endured similar lives.

After he had been checked by the veterinarian, vaccinated, deflead and dewormed his rescuer then took him outside to properly meet the waggy tails he had seen earlier. Despite the horror he had known for 5 years Prometheus who had never had a friend in his life found in this place he had so many just like him that he could run around with, play, snuggle into and just enjoy being free and cared for together. 

As each day went by he grew stronger, healthier and confident. He realized that a dog was not something you beat, abuse and do what you want with but was a friend, a playmate, a companion. 

That not all humans would kick and beat you, but there were some like in this rescue haven that would sit on the floor and fuss you, when the front door opened in this place it was not an old woman to come out and beat you just because that was part of her routine, in this place different people would come out of that door but with food, medicines and although not particularly impressed with this, bowls of water to bathe you.

One day, Prometheus along with some of his new friends were transported to the UK, for the first time Prometheus was in a home, actually inside enjoying all that life had to offer with a wonderful foster family and on something called a sofa!!!

This incredibly friendly dog was rescued, his life was saved and he is now enjoying life to the full. However, though Prometheus adores his foster family, what he really needs is his very own forever family.

He is such a good dog, eager to please, friendly with all humans, gets along very well with other dogs and puts up with cats. However, for Prometheus sake we will not be adopting to families with young children, not because of aggression from this boy because there truly is none but because every day for 5 years a hand was held above his head to come slamming down on him.  Young children's movements can be quick and we wouldn't want to bring back such awful memories for this sweet dog.

He is:
Fully Vaccinated (Including Anti Rabies)
Has EU Pet Passport
Fostered in the UK

If you could be Prometheus forever family, Mum or Dad please contact our charity as soon as possible. This little dog truly is waiting for you.

Location: Fostered in London but enquirers from across the UK very much welcomed.

Ref: AAFA/Jane

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