Friday, 6 June 2014


This very handsome young man is Appollo. Appollos mother was thrown on to the streets of Romania when her owners discovered she was pregnant and had they been born there, as so many are, there is little chance they would have survived as food, water and shelter is so scarce and the older, bigger dogs will fight smaller ones to the death to get their share of what they need. However, luckily for Appollo, his mother was rescued by a local group who realised she was expecting pups and got her to safety before they were born.

Through this good fortune Appollo never knew the hardships of street life, however life in a rescue shelter was no walk in the park either. The volunteers always do the best that they can for the animals they care for, but food is always in short supply. Once he and his siblings were born and had stopped feeding from their mother they had to be put into a kennel with many other dogs to make room for new mothers and their babies. Again the older bigger dogs would bully the younger smaller dogs off the food and Appollo would have lived on the scraps that were left.

His lucky break came when he was brought over to the UK and into a kennels over here. He suddenly had a kennel to himself, didn't have to endure the feeling of an empty tummy and had warmth and comfort. During his time in kennels Appollo showed us all what a special boy he is .. full of energy and very playful but with a soft loving side despite a hard start in life. Although Appollo loved everyone at the kennels and enjoyed his playtime in the paddock he still had to go back behind bars of course at the end of playtime.

As he got more used to human company and the company of the other dogs while they were playing, so he found it harder and harder to return to his kennel.
A short while ago all Appollos' prayers were answered when someone came forward to foster him. Suddenly he found himself in a home for the first time and he loves every minute of it ! He learnt his manners around house training very quickly indeed and with plenty of room to run around soon showed everyone just how much he loved to play. He also made it quite clear that as well as being a big ball of energy he enjoyed being pampered, fussed and cuddled as well and started to show his calmer side.

Appollo is an incredibly loving and loyal dog. Whatever love he gets he returns and he adores the company of his new 2 legged family. However, he is a very energetic dog and when he is out his play is very boisterous as he lets of steam. He will need a home with a large garden and a family with a very active life style to work off all the energy that he has. Because he is so boisterous in play and is quite strong we would suggest a family with no children under the age of 14 as in his excitement he could accidently hurt a smaller child in play. Appollo gets on well with other dogs.

This young lad is full of character and charm but he is also very cheeky. He needs a family that will be firm but kind to him. He is still a little nervous in new situations and where there are lots of people but as his trust in his foster carers grows so does his confidence. In the same way, as his trust in his new family grows he will become more and more confident with them as well. He truly is a very special young lad with so much to give .. could you give him a forever home where he can flourish and enjoy life to the full for the rest of his life?
Appollo is:
Fully vaccinated
and has a full EU pet passport.

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