Thursday, 29 November 2012

ADOPTED Cassie 2/3 yr old female Border collie cross, medium size looking for a forever home

ADOPTED Cassie 2/3 yr old female Border collie cross, medium size looking for a forever home

Cassie's owner died and unfortunately Cassie was left in the yard, to basically look after herself. Cassie enjoys the company of humans and gets on very well with other dogs.

Cassie is used to living in a yard, and is a very playful active little girl, she is leash trained and a very smart active dog, she does not deserve to be in a shelter, she would make a loving pet and welcome addition to any family, though we recommend older children.

Cassie is fully vaccinated, spayed, de-wormed and chipped.


ADOPTED MICKEY = RS 4 month old male possible shepherd cross needing a forever home

Mickey a loveable playful little boy, saved from a life on the streets, where he was facing starvation, beatings, being killed by traffic or killed for money. He would have had to fight for food and bieng so you the bigger dogs would have got there first.

He is now in a shelter being looked after and doing well.

Mickey loves to be around people and other dogs, especially puppies, which is natural for his age. Mickey can be a little food aggressive, which is understandable, though he may be able to be trained out of it.  He will possibly be medium size when fully grown, he is fully vaccinated and chipped, though is too young to be neutered yet.

Mickey just needs a loving home and family.


Wednesday, 28 November 2012

ADOPTED Goldie = DD 2 to 3 yrs old female lab cross needing a forever home

This is Goldie soon to be released from the public shelter in Craiova and back onto the streets. Street life is no place for an animal, starvation, being beaten, tortured and even killed for money, plus winter is on it's way.

The shelter can not keep them for long once they are vaccinated, spayed/neutered, they just dont have the resources.

Goldie is a sweet girl and gets on well with every one including other dogs. She enjoys cuddles and fusses and just needs those cuddles and fusses from a forever home.

Goldie is vaccinated and spayed.

Friday, 23 November 2012

ADOPTED - Brando, 5 years old, small size male, chihuahua mix, looking for a home

Brando is a lovely boy, around 5 years old who was abandoned in a forest near Bucharest.

He was found almost dead from starvation, full of ticks, flees, but he had the power to start barking when someone stoped the car. It was a miracle he was found, the grass and the trees were so high and thick and he was barely visible.

But now, after 2 months in a doggie pension, Brando is a gourgeous boy, eager to be loved and cuddled.

Even though he had an awful experience, he still trusts humas and he is a very good and nice company.

Save Brando and give him a second chance for happiness and a warm place for winter time.

Small size, 5-6 kilos

neutered, vaccinated


Monday, 19 November 2012


ADOPTED=NM Nony 6 month old lab cross male needing a forever home

 Nony is a shy little boy, found abandoned in a fired, left to die of starvation, he is now in foster and doing very well. naturally he is a bit weary of people but is starting to come round and gain trust.

Nony gets on well with other dogs and is starting to interact more and more with the humans and learning to play, he just needs time and patience and reassurance.  With lots of love, attention and security Nony will soon learn that he is going to be loved and safe.

Nony is fully vaccinated, neutered, chipped and dewormed.


ADOPTED Enzo 1 yrs 5 months Rottweiler cross male needing a forever home

Enzo was found by pure luck, a rescue worker was driving down the high way when she saw him run out of the forest near the busy road.

She managed to catch him and get him to the rescue. Enzo had been dumped in a parking lot near the forest and just left to starve to death basically.

Enzo has turned out to be a very loving dog. Once they gained his confidence and got him settled into the rescue, they saw just how bad he was, very under weight, covered in sores, dehydrated and a very frightened little boy, but now after vets treatment and now living in foster care he is doing very well. Enzo is now becoming a very cheeky playful little chap, he adores human company, loves to go on long walks. He gets on well with dogs, cats and children.
Enzo is gaining weight nicely and is a happy healthy boy. All that is needed now is that forever home.

Enzo is fully vaccinated, chipped, dewormed and neutered.


ADOPTED:PH LULU shepherd mix 4 month old female medium size needing a forever home

Lulu was found outside a supermarket begging for food, she was rescued and taken into foster.Lulu's chances of survival on the streets would have been virtually nil, stray dogs are beaten, starving to death and even killed for money.

Lulu is now a happy playful little puppy in a loving foster home, she gets on very well with other dogs, cats and humans. Lulu is doing what 4 month old puppies should be doing and that is getting into every thing, she would make an ideal addition to any family and the advantage of being so young is that she can be trained and will learn and adjust to things very quickly.

Lulu is fully vaccinated, de-wormed, , chipped and has her own passport.




ADOPTED - Button, 18 month gentle and friendly little Terrier cross in desperate need of a forever home

Button truly is a joy to have around. Very friendly, loves fuss and attention, non dominant and gets along with other dogs and also cats.

This little girl had to spend part of her life in what was one of the worst public shelters in Romania. Here she would have seen other dogs being brutally killed by the dog catchers, others being forced to eat the bodies of fellow dogs who had died of starvation before them. Just so many things that we dare not list them on here or else you would have nightmares if you knew everything that goes on in such places over there.

Now, Button has been rescued and is safe and sound in our sanctuary. She has everything she possibly could need except one thing...She needs a forever home.

This little princess as we have said above is gentle, friendly and loves humans. She is more submissive than dominant and needs to either be the only dog in the house or within a home with another dog friendly K9 companion just like her.

Button is:

Please, if you can offer this loely little dog a home please contact us today.
Eu Pet passport


ADOPTED = IB Angie 3 to 4 yr old female small to medium size, Romanian timber type dog

Angie is a sweet loving little girl, who adores people and other animals, as you can see from the photograph. She has had an owner before and they probably grew tired of her or probably wanted another dog, or even moved house and decided to leave Angie behind, which is often the way in Romania.

Angie apparently loves a bath, will sit while her nails are being clipped and even lets you check her teeth. she is a sweet gentle dog that just wants love and affection, she has been tried in a home environment and is showing signs of being house trained.

Angie is fully vaccinated, chipped, spayed and will have a pass port ready to travel to her new home.




ADOPTED - Mike, Male, 2 years old and medium size.

Mike is a 2 year old, medium sized alsation cross.

Having been badly mistreated, Mike suffered a femur fracture and was paralized on his back end. However, he was rescued and after very good treatement he can now walk again with no discomfort, and just a little walking defect.

As you can see by this picture, Mike loves people and is very loving and playful. Despite this he has never found the forever home that could make is life complete.

Mike will be a great addition to your family and in return for the love you give him, you will get unconditional love in return.

Please consider giving Mike the love he needs and the home that will make his life complete.

ADOPTED - Cara - very gentle 5 month old Terrier mix in urgent need of a forever home

This is Cara, truly the most sweetest dog you could hope to meet, which is amazing considering the awful start life gave her.

Abandoned and left to die in a field along with her siblings. They had to face dehydration and starvation before they were all rescued.

Cara is a very gentle sweet little girl, she is a submissive character and simply wants human attention and to be loved. In foster she gets along very well with other dogs. She is very interested in playing with our cats but unfortunately for her, they do not wish to be friends with her as she does with them, so she has to make do with the other dogs in foster for company.

This little one really needs a forever home as soon as possible, she is such a bright little thing that training etc will be very easy and she will give you so much love in return for the attention you have paid to her.

Please if you can offer this little sweetheart a forever then contact our charity today and make this princess dream come true.

Cara is:
Fully Vaccinated
De Flead
Gets along very well with humans, dogs and if she could cats.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

ADOPTED! Snow, 3 month old female, labrador cross.

Snow, 3 month old female, labrador cross.

This gorgeous girl is Snow. Snow was found wandering helplessly in the mountains near a cabin by some young people out walking. She was almost starved to death, was very weak and clearly very frightened.
These young people took her to a rescue group who immediatly got her into foster care where good food, good care, full vaccinations and de-worming treatment were given and she is now the happy healthy dog we see in these pictures. Snow is a wonderfully loving dog who adores people. She has a HUGE personality and is very playful. She now needs that special forever home where she can be shown all the love she deserves.


Dobi, Matilda

Dobi the gentle giant was found in a field starving. he is now in foster and gaining weight nicely. He would died of starvation if he had not been rescued.

Dobi is a gentle giant and just craves love and attention, he is brilliant with children and people, he gets on well with other dogs, but does not get on with cats. Dobi walks on a leash with no great effort and is house trained, he will make a lovely addition to any family. He has a lot of love to give and all he wants is a loving forever home, he really is a big softy.

Dobi is fully vaccinated, neutured, dewormed and chipped.


Matilda 2 and half yr old female, spaniel-terrier mix medium to large size dog needing a forever home.

Matilda was living on the streets until some one at a warehouse showed her a little affection and she made her self quite at home, but now they no longer want her and is at risk of being put back on the streets.

Matilda is a very friendly, loyal and loving dog and does not deserve this, what she does deserve is a loving forever home.

Matilda will be spayed next week and the people at the ware house have promised to keep her for a little while longer, until a home  is found for her.

Matilda can be a bit vocal, but that is because she does not like to miss any thing and craves attention. She just loves the company of people.

Please give Matilda a chance and giver her that forever home she deserves.
Matilda will be fully vaccinated and dewormed and microchipped.


Friday, 9 November 2012

Nera, Suzy, Kuki

ADOPTED = PH Nera, female approx 7 months old. Labrador cross. Needing forever home.

This is the beautiful Nera. She was found when only a couple of months old wandering the streets alone. She was very confused and frightened and was obviously under nourished.
Nera was rescued and although she was frightened at first it did not take her long to trust the people around her. With good care and good food she is now the gorgeous girl we see in thesee photographs. Nera is playful and energetic..but is equally happy relaxing being fussed and petted. She is greeat with other dogs and with cats aswell. She now needs a forever home where she can be safe, secure and loved for the rest of her days.
Nera is fully vaccinated, spayed and de-wormed

ADOPTED = PH Suzy 4.5 month old female lab/collie mix medium size needinf a forever home

Suzy is a lovely little girl, but sadly she and her siblings where not wanted by their family, the family even tried to poison them.

Suzy and her sister are now in foster being cared for, which means Selena is used to a family environment.

She is a very loving and friendly little lady and just loves the company of people and other dogs.

Homes have been found for three of Suzy's siblings, we just needs loving forever home for Suzy and her sister.
Suzy will be a welcome addition to any family and will be a loving loyal dog.

Suzy will be fully vaccinated, dewormed and chipped ready for her new family.


ADOPTED = PH Kuki, four year old shepherd cross needing forever home.

Kuki is a very handsome 4 year old who was found some time ago wandering thee streets. He was in constant danger of being attacked by local people or picked up by dog catchers who use the most horrific shelters where dogs rarely survive for any amount of time. Kuki was underweight and very nervous.
After some time being cared for and fed good food Kuki is now a very fit and healthy dog. He is shy at first with new people but it takes him a very short time to feel trust and to be relaxed. Once he is relaxed around a person he is very affectionate and loving. Kuki now needs a forever home where he can get all the love and affection he needs...and give his love and affetion in return. Kuki does not like ccats but is alright with other dogs. Kuki is fully vacciated, de-wormed and neutered.


Thursday, 8 November 2012

Ginger approx 18 months old female Alsation type cross needing a forever home

Ginger was found crawling in agony on the streets, her skin covered in sores, she had been hit by a car and basically would have died, either through her injures or starvation.

Ginger is now in a safe place waiting to be adopted, after many months her carers have nursed her back to health, making sure she got the exercise she need to build her muscles up and she is now a happy healthy dog.

Ginger is now back to full health and strength, she is a friendly happy little girl, that just adores human company and gets on well with other dogs, the carers are always greeted with a good wagging of the tail.

Ginger is fully vaccinated, dewormed, chipped and spayed.


ADOPTED - PHILIP = DG 1 year old male mixed breed small dog needing a forever home

Philip was believed to have been abandoned on the streets. It is thought he has had a home before because he is showing signs of having a home live. He travels well in a car, lets you know when he needs to "go" out and walks well on a leash.

Philip is a well behaved playful little fellow, he loves to be cuddled and fussed.
He gets on well with other dogs and cats and enjoys human company and also gets on well with children.

He is fully vaccinated, chipped and neutered.


Adopted! Somy, 3 month old female terrier cross. Needing forever home.

Somy was found along with another pup wandering the streets. They were very frightened, malnourished and in desperate need of help. In the neighbourhood there were many bigger dogs who attacked them and fought them for food and so they were very near starvation. Luckily they were rescued and taken to a foster carer. They were in a sorry state but with some treatment from the vet, some good food and a lot of care they soon recovered their strength and good health.

Somy is still in foster care. She is doing very well and has a lot of energy. She is very playful and loves the company of humans. She now desperately needs a forever home. This is a little dog with a HUGE amount of love to give..she just needs that special family to give her a home she can call 'hers' for the rest of her life.
Somy is fully vaccinated

ADOPTED! Nando 5 month old male hound mix needing a forever home

Nando saved from the public shelter where they have to fight to survive, fight for food and risk being attacked or killed by the other dogs in order to get food. The shelter staff do the best they can but time and resources are limited.

Nando is now safe in foster and doing very well, he was in a bad way when rescued but after treatment and daily vitamins he is now fighting fit. He loves to play with the other pups gets on well with humans and loves to play with a ball.

Nando can be a little food aggressive, which is understandable alot of the shelter dogs are like this, because of having to fight for food every day. He is fully vaccinated, chipped ready for his new home.


Friday, 2 November 2012


ADOPTED = RI Nando 2 yr old male collie cross male needing a forever home

Nando used to be a street boy, he was abandoned by his onwers after they had to move house. He is now in foster after spending weeks waiting by his old home for his owners to return..they never did.

Nando was loved by the children on the streets and he enjoyed playing with them, he also gets on very well with other dogs and of course us humans too, Nando also gets on with cats.

He is a sweet boy that deserves to be in a home environment.

Nando is fully vaccinated, chipped and neutered.



ADOPTED = CC Buster approx 2 months old male Tekel type cross needing a forever home

This is Buster, this poor little chap was found in a plastic bag left to die after his mother had been poisoned. Luckily he was found and is now safe and being cared for. The streets of Romania are a cruel place, starvation, tortured, being beaten or even killed for money.

Buster is doing very well and gradually putting on weight after being wormed, he was riddled with them. Buster is a quiet little puppy , though this could all change once he has settled and is back up to full puppy power then he will being doing what puppies his age do and that is get up to mischief !!!

Buster has been wormed and due to get his injections very soon, though he is too young to be neutured yet. Buster just needs that forever home now.



ADOPTED = PH/EV Rexi 3 month old male shepherd cross needing a forever home.

Rexi saved from the dangers of a busy road and the streets. He had been bitten by an older dog and was in a terrible state. total hair loss and digestive problems, but with plenty of care and attention, he is now back to full health.

Rexi is now a happy, healthy, mischievious little boy and doing what pups his age should be doing. he is a loving little boy and gets on well with other dogs too.

All Rexi needs now is that forever home and some one to love and care for him.

Rexi is fully vaccinated, chipped, delfead and dewormed.


ADOPTED =PH Blanco 6 months old shepherd type cross needing a forever home

Blanco was found on the streets of Romania, like so many of the dogs out there. Fighting to survive facing starvation, beatings, tortured or being killed by traffic or for money. Blanco is now in a small shelter being cared for, he is a happy healthy little boy that just loves to be fussed and cuddled and to play. Blanco gets on well with the dogs and just adore human contact. Blanco is fully vaccinated, chipped, neutered and has his own pass port.


ADOPTED =PH/EV Pipi 3 months old female shepherd mix needing a forever home

Dumped in a dumpster when she was born along with her siblings, luckily some one saw them and they are now in shelter being cared for.

One of the other female dogs who had just had pups adopted Pipi and her siblings.

After being saved from certain death, Pipi is now doing very well and being the puppy she is supposed to be, happy ,healthy, playful and michievious.

Pipi deserves a forever home after her poor start, she is fully vaccinated, chipped, deflead and dewormed.