Sunday, 30 December 2012


This is Piki. Piki was found wandering the streets, alone, frightened and in a very poor condition. It seemed unlikely he would survive at first. However with treatment from the vet, some good food and a lot of care Piki finally started to gain weight and return to good health.

Piki is currently living in an environment where he has to be outside. Due to his very small size this is very hard for him as he struggles to stay warm. He desperately needs a forever home. Piki is very friendly and absolutely loves attention and fuss from people. He can get a little jealous of other dogs so he would be best suited in a home where he is the only pet. Piki is neutered and fully vaccinated and ready for that special person to find him and give him the loving home he so desperately needs.


Ice was found in a cold Sunday morning on the street. At the begining we though she is a rock, she was all squat and as we got closer we saw a little puppy, almost frozen.
Her eyes were in the back of her head, she was very thin and dehydrated and very cold, like a piece of ice.

She was taken inside and put between bottlles of hot water, thinking she was not going to survive. After a while, she ate, which was a good sign, at least she was not sick.
If she wouldnt have been found, she would have lived maximum another hour. She suffered so much from cold that now she sleeps only near the heater.
Now she is a perfecly normal puppy, who plays a lot, chews on the toes, running after the cats to play, she is just a bundle of joy.
She is about 8 weeks old and she is 17 cm high and 20 cm long.


Thursday, 27 December 2012

Ana = IB

ADOPTED = IB ANA 6 month old female collie type cross needing a forever home

Ana found abandoned in a room along with 12 other pups,  left to fend for themselves.

Ana is now being cared for in a shelter, she is a friendly sweet little dogs and like to snuggle up to the cats that are also in the shelter. Ana gets on well with the other dogs there too and loves attention from people.
She is a young healthy girl that needs to be in a proper home, a home where she can grow up with a family to call her own. Ana is young and with being so young, she will easily settle into a home environment.

Ana will be fully vaccinated, chipped and have her own pass port ready to travel.


Vivienne, Mark,Cezar,Betty,Rocky, Kimbra

ADOPTED =DM Kimbra 3 month old collie/shepherd cross female needing a forever home

Kimbra Is one of seven siblings who were living with their mother in a factory. They survived on whatever food their mother could scavange but were not in a good condition and often lacked the proper food and shelter they needed. Things became really grave for them when the boss at the factory ordered workers to kill the mother and her pups and bury them.

Luckily they were rescued just in time and taken to a safe haven where they now live in the garden of a family who cares for them as best they can. But, they need a proper home where they can be indoors and given all the love and affection they need. Kimbra is very healthy and has a good appetite. she is very playful, full of life and friendly. In fact she adores human contact and human company. This is why it is so important that she now finds that special person to give her the life she truly deserves.


ADOPTED=DM Rocky 3month old male collie/shepherd cross needing a forever home


ADOPTED=AP Betty, 3 month old female shepherd mix. Needing forever home.

This is Betty. She was one of 9 puppies found with their mother on the streets looking for shelter in the pouring rain. They were all very frightened and underfed and in grave danger.
They were given safe haven for a while at a vetinary centre where they were vaccinated, de-wormed and given the food they needed to regain their strength, which they did in a very short time. They are all now in a shelter where the staff do the best they can to take good care of them but Betty needs a forever home where she can have all the love she deserves for the rest of her life.

ADOPTED=CD Vivienne 3month old shepherd cross needing a forever home

Vivienne is one of seven 3 month old dogs that were found by a team during a sterilization campaign.
They were living in a factory building with no-one caring for them or feeding them and despite doing the best they could scavenging for food they were starving and in very poor condition. They were also very afraid and confused.

They were rescued and permission was given for them to be kept in a local pen where the team that saved them went every day to feed them and care for them. They were all fully vaccinated and de-wormed and are now in good health. Unfortunately the team were then told they had to remove the dogs or they would be killed and they have now been moved to another shelter.
Vivienne now needs a forever home where the future can be a safe and secure one. she needs stability and care from that special person who can help her forget the past and look forward to a happy future full of love.


ADOPTED=CD Mark 3month old shepherd cross needing a forever home

Mark is one of seven 3 month old dogs that were found by a team during a sterilization campaign.
They were living in a factory building with no-one caring for them or feeding them and despite doing the best they could scavenging for food they were starving and in very poor condition. They were also very afraid and confused.

They were rescued and permission was given for them to be kept in a local pen where the team that saved them went every day to feed them and care for them. They were all fully vaccinated and de-wormed and are now in good health. Unfortunately the team were then told they had to remove the dogs or they would be killed and they have now been moved to another shelter.
Mark now needs a forever home where the future can be a safe and secure one. He needs stability and care from that special person who can help him forget the past and look forward to a happy future full of love.


ADOPTED CEZAR - Sausage dog mix, male, 3.5 months of age - Escaped the dog catchers, now looking for a forever home.

Cezar along with his siblings was born on the streets. As many other pups do in this situation they link up with other young dogs to form a pack. This is natures way of helping them survive. They look out for each other, forage for food together, protect each other. 

But these dogs were pups, and just like any other group of pups will do they played, barked and ran around the neighbourhood where there young pack resided. In Romania this is not a good idea, the majority hate dogs and true to form someone called the notorious dog catchers to remove these pups.  Dog catchers in Romania get paid for every dog they catch, for every dog they kill, for ever dog they cremate. So as you can imagine, not all dogs make it out alive once they are in the dog catchers van!

We do not know how many exactly were in this little pack of vulnerable dogs, all we know is the ones that tried run to get away from the dog catchers, some were caught and we have no doubt killed. Some however were lucky enough to run into a rescuers garden. She then refused the dog catchers entry and so whether it was fate or just plain luck these pups were saved and took care of. 

ADOPTED Mia - 2 year old female - Heinz variety Shephard/Corgi mix.

Mia is a 2 years old, medium size female dog, who got hit by a car in the autumn of 2011. She had surgery to fix her pelvis and now she is doing great, running and feeling good, just like any able bodied dog.
She tends to be jealous of other dogs, trying to get all the attention for herself, so she’s becoming a little aggressive towards them sometimes.  This is why we are looking for a special forever home where she would be able to get all the attention, so only her being the special furry angel of the house.
She shows no aggression to humans, she’s playful and affectionate.
She’s about 45 cm high.
If you could offer this little one what she needs, please contact us as soon as possible

Lily - Shepherd/Retriever mix female 5-6 years needing a Foster/Forever home


ADOPTED Lily - Shepherd/Retriever mix female 5-6 years needing a Foster/Forever home

Lily had an awful start to life, she was abandoned by her owners on the deadly streets of Romania. She found shelter under a block of flats after she had been targeted by local children and was tied up and had stones and rocks thrown at her , finally one of the adults who had seen this went and rescued her, taking her under the block of flats where she herself lived. Even though this rescuer herself lives in absolute poverty, she would visit Lily with small amounts of scraps of food that she could spare.

When the winter set in the lady brought Lily into her small flat but after the winter finished because of lack of space etc,  again poor Lily found herself outside facing the same dangers as she did a few months before. 

Lily is a people's dog and loves affection. She is a gentle soul and loves to be by your side.

She walks well on the lead and loves everyone she meets.
She is approximately 5-6 years old and collie sized. Lily is neutered, vaccinated and has recently had a full dental.

She would love a quiet home and is better with larger dogs as playmates.

If you could offer this lovely doggy a home she deserves pleasecontact us as soon as possible

ADOPTED Camelia, 2 year old female, sweet gentle Carpathian Sheepdog mix - Saved from a shelter, desperate for a family to love her.


She is now in foster and with regular meals and food always when she needs it, plus extra vitamins and nurtrients she is healthy and starting to put on weight.

What Camelia needs most is a forever home. One that will exercise her regulary and spoil her like the princess she is.

For more information on Carpathian sheepdogs please check out this link

She is going to be a very big girl, so experience with large working dog breeds is recommended. She adores human contact and even gets along with cats.

She is vaccinated, microchipped and spayed. If you could offer this beautiful big girl a loving and safe home, pleasecontact us as soon as possible.

ADOPTED = CD Bella, 18 month old collie cross. Needing forever home.

SUNDAY, 29 JULY 2012

ADOPTED = CD Bella, 18 month old collie cross. Needing forever home.

Bella is one of 8 dogs seen looking in a poor condition in the back yard of a home in Bucharest. The family that owned them were obviously not taking care of them as they were very malnourished. On talking to the family it became clear that they were too poor to feed the dogs (even though they had only recently got two of them) and the dogs often went unfed for days on end. It appeared that the family were not only too poor to feed the dogs but that they were also uneducated in animal welfare and well being and also cared little about the animals.
Bella along with the other dogs was rescued from this family and taken to a shelter where further examination showed they were covered in fleas and ticks and the malnutrition was even worse than first suspected with some being skin and bone beneath the fur. All the dogs were treated for the fleas and ticks and have been given the nourishment they need. And Bella is now doing very well. She is very good with humans, very responsive and friendly. Also she is very good with other dogs having spent so long with so many.
Bella now needs a forever home desperately.She needs a secure long term loving environment where she can truly flourish and have the attention she needs .Bella has had such a hard time but a special person to give a forever home will soon help put the past behind her.
Bella is vaccinated, de-wormed, and spayed

Sadness=AO Zara= DM

ADOPTED=AO Sadness 3yr old female shepherd cross medium.large size needing a forever home

Sadness living in an area where a kindergarden is built and soon to be thrown onto the streets of Romania, where she will stand little chance of survival. Strays are treated with no kindness at all, most starving to death or being beaten to death and even killed for money.

Sadness is used to people and very loving and gentle, she is spayed, vaccinated and dewormed, she just needs a loving forever home.



ADOPTED DM Zara, 2 year old terrier. Needing forever home.

This lovely girl is Zara. Zara was seen outside a supermarket looking terrified, cold and undernourished. A rescue team were called and on approaching the dog they realised she could not move very well at all. Despite her fear Zara let a member of the team approach her and it was then they realized she had a very serious crush injury to her back leg.
Zara was taken to a vet who unfortunately had to remove the injured leg. However this does not seem to have caused a problem at all with Zara. After being in foster care a short while, with good food and good care she is very healthy and only having three legs does not stop her at all. Despite her past Zara adores people. She comes rushing to greet anyone who comes to say hello and is a very affectionate dog. She now needs someone very special to give her a forever home. Zara is good with cats and other dogs.
Zara is fully vaccinated.


Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Prince, Wolfy

ADOPTED - PRINCE =DD Male aprox 4 to 5 yrs old small size possible Corgi cross needing a forever home

This handsome little fella is living near a block of flats and sleeping in a box, which is not good as the Romanian winter is on it's way, and they are very harsh indeed. A kind lady is feeding Prince and he is being watched all the time.

He does have a slight limp though no fractures or breaks have been found and he manages to get around really, the limp does not affect his walking too much.

Prince is a friendly little boy and has shown no aggression towards those that have been feeding him, though it is not know how he is with young children or cats.

Prince has been fully vaccinated and neutered and will have a pass port ready to travel. He desperately needs off the streets before winter comes.


  Adopted! WOLFY=IB 3 year old male possible shepherd/collie cross needing a forever home

Wolfy, aptly name because of her appearance. Abandoned by her owner, left to fend for her self.

He is now in the Radauti shelter which is not the best of places, but they do their best with what they have, they cannot give the dogs the attention and care they need due to lack of funds and resources.

Wolfy is a friendly pleasant boy, who gets on well with people and other dogs.

He just needs that forever home and not the shelter life she has at the moment. He will be fully vaccinated, spayed, chipped and have a pass port ready to travel.



This poor girl was found on a road near Bucharest, she was very skinny, and a lot of infection injuries on her skin....It was clear she had not eaten in weeks ( see video below for Celines full story) , you can not imagine how hungry she was when the rescuer found her. A bowl of dry food was eaten in a seconds, still now, at the foster shelter she is still food obsessive and would eat every second of the day if she could.

Celine was quickly took by the rescuer to one of our vets in Bucharest and immediately she was treated, cared for and slowly this poor frail dog started to transform into a young healthy dog that loves life and just wants to loved back.
Celine is a very friendly and gentle doggie, despite that her life had been full of cruelty, abuse and neglect, yet as you will see on the video below she still comes to you waging her tail all the time, wanting to be cuddled and fussed.
Even now, when we know that she is safe in the foster shelter, the memories come flooding back of how she was found and what life she had to have led by the awful state she was found in. So many people would have walked passed her, not given her a second look, left her to rot on the streets. Celine to them was no different to the hundreds they would pass the same as her every month, to them Celine was a disease something that should be eradicated.
Celine is a very submissive doggie, very friendly with dogs and humans, she was not tested with the cats, but we are confident by her character that she can also live with a cats too.
She has been:
Fully Vaccinated
and even has her very own EU Pet Passport ready to go to her forever home.

Please, if you could open your home and heart to this brave and amazing little dog, please contact our charity as soon as possible.



We would like you to meet Paris, a beautiful and friendly full breed Shar Pei. The previous owners of Paris sickeningly had plans to use her as a breeding machine. However for whatever reason when they left to move to another country they disgustingly left her in the house alone, totally abandoned.

She was like this for a month until we were alerted to her situation and of course we stepped in and offered to take her under our wing and hopefully find her a loving home.

At this point she is not spayed, but she will be within the next few weeks.

Paris is fine with other medium sized dogs  and would be more suited to a home with older children and most certainly adopters who have experience with this breed (and we don't mean breeding them)

Paris is
Fully Vaccinated
Will be spayed
Has EU Pet Passport

If you fall in love with Paris and want to rehome this beautiful loving dog please contact our charity.

Nadia, Maya

ADOPTED - Nadia 4 month old female Pekingese mix needing a forever home

Nadia found with her brother on the side of a busy road near the forest left to die, which they would have, they were far too young to fend for themselves.

They are both in a shelter and doing really well and are fighting fit after fighting off distemper.

Nadia given that name because it was the start of the Olympics and named after Nadia Comaneci, is a healthy happy little girl and an olympic champion in her own right, winning the fight to survive.

Nadia pictured with her brother Ali, is the more out going of the two. into everything always exploring and has a little more confidence, all she needs now is that forever home. Nadia is fully vaccinated and chipped.


 RESERVED Maya, 3.5 month old medium size puppy, looking for a fover home

 Little Maya  was hit by a car on the street. She suffered from multiple fractures and was in a very bad conditions. 

Fortunately she didn't need surgery, she recovered very well and now she is ready for adoption.Maya is a very happy puppy, quiet most of the times, but she also loves to play and getting your attention. She is friendly with dogs and cats. 

She is fully vaccinated, dewormed, deflead, chipped, all ready for the perfect home.



Ali, Jane, Enya

Adopted! Ali 4 month old Pekingese mix male needing a forever home

Found by a busy road next to the forest, left to die, he was only 1 month old, he was found with his sister. It was when the Olympics was starting so was given the name Ali after Muhamad Ali.

They would have definately died if they had not been found, they were far too young to fend for themselves.

Ali is now safe in shelter with his sister, they both went through a lot and Ali battled distemper and came through and is now fighing fit, living up to him, he is a fighter, not letting the disease beat him.

Ali is now a happy healthy little boy, he is a little shy though and follws his sister everywhere.He just desperately needs that forever home.
He is fully vaccinated and chipped and ready to travel.

 Adopted! JANE =CD 5 to 6 months old tekel mix female needing a forever home

Jane abandoned in a forest with her sister, left to fend for herself in the coming harsh winter, The winters ins Romania are very severe and her chances of survival were very slim indeed.

Luckily Jane and her sister are now in foster just awaiting that forever home.

Jane is a well behaved playful little girl, who loves to be around people and gets on well with other dogs.

She is fully vaccinated and will be chipped and have her own pass port ready to travel to that for ever home.


 Adopted! Enya, 5 month olf, teckel mix, looking for a forever home

Enya was abandoned in a forrest near Bucharest, but she and her sister were lucky to be found in time and rescued. Now they are 5 months old, ready to be adopted at anytime.

Shy at first, they are very friendly with dogs and humans, very obedient, but also playful.

5-6 months old
teckel mix


Emily, Britta

ADOPTED - Emily, 4 months old, german shephard mix, needing a forever home

Emily and her siblings were found in a very bad condition. They were infected with a virus based on intestinal parasites and from 10 brothers and sisters only 3 survived.

Now Emily and her other brothers are doing very well, they are fully recovered and enjoying life like any other healthy puppy. 

Emily is playfull and energetic, she likes other dogs and also the company of humans.

She is fully vaccinated, chipped, she has a passport and all ready to go to her forever home.


ADOPTED - Britta, 5 months old female puppy, looking for a forever home

Britta is the most adorable little doggie. She was found near a forest, abandoned, trying to eat some horse poop in the middle of the road. 

She was very thin, she could hardly walk, but now she is growing and she gain weight. She was rescued and her life as a street dog neded. She is now safe nad has plenty of food.

She has a lovely personality, very smart, friendly with dogs and cats and she loves to be around people.

She is vaccinated and has a passport, all ready to go in her new family.

She is about 5 months old and 35 cm high.