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ADOPTED:Leslie 18 months to 2 year old female border collie cross needing a forever home

Leslie was taken off the streets by the dog catchers and taken to the Radauti shelter. Shelter life is not the best but they do the best they can with what they have.

Leslie faced starvation, beatings, torture, being killed for money and being ran over.

Leslie was very scared when she first arrived at the shelter, but is coming around nicely and she is learning to trust.

She is still timid but once she gets to know you she becomes very friendly and loving. Leslie is just going to need time a patience, she will be a welcome addition to any family. Leslie gets on well with the other dogs in the shelter also.

She is fully vaccinated, chipped and has her own pass port.

ADOPTED ; APO Nera nearly 2 yrs old female lab/collie cross needing a forever home

Nera wandered into a school yard in Osijek, where she had her puppies, they have all fortunately found homes.
Nera can not stay where she is much longer, it is not ideal for her and some of the children are tormenting her, she gets scared when the school bell goes and is naturally weary of the children.

One of the shelter's volunteers works at the school and feeds Nera and trys to watch over her the best she can and another lady who walks her dogs often takes Nera for a walk to, but Nera desperately needs a proper home, she gets along with other dogs, but a home small without small children would be advised, a more experienced dog owner would be best for Nera, some one with time and patience that can help to build up her confidence and give her the security she needs and to make her fell loved and safe. Nera is fully vaccinated, spayed and chipped.


ADOPTED=CD Lessie 7 yr old female collie cross needing a forever home

Lessie is Choco's mum and was put out onto the streets after many years living in a school yard where she was taken care of by the teachers and pupils. Then the school director thought it was time they had to leave and thinking it would teach the pupils humanity, the dog catcher was called and she ended up in shelter. The children were devastated because even on school holidays they went to feed Lessie and the other dogs that were there with them, they were in there way learning how to treat animals and be kind to them.

As soon as it was known the dog catchers were called action was taken to get Lessie and the others into shelter. Lessie is a happy funny girl that enjoys human company and especially that of children because of the school yard, and she loves food !!!

Lessie is fully vaccinated, chipped, spayed and pass ported.


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