Sunday, 30 December 2012


This is Piki. Piki was found wandering the streets, alone, frightened and in a very poor condition. It seemed unlikely he would survive at first. However with treatment from the vet, some good food and a lot of care Piki finally started to gain weight and return to good health.

Piki is currently living in an environment where he has to be outside. Due to his very small size this is very hard for him as he struggles to stay warm. He desperately needs a forever home. Piki is very friendly and absolutely loves attention and fuss from people. He can get a little jealous of other dogs so he would be best suited in a home where he is the only pet. Piki is neutered and fully vaccinated and ready for that special person to find him and give him the loving home he so desperately needs.


Ice was found in a cold Sunday morning on the street. At the begining we though she is a rock, she was all squat and as we got closer we saw a little puppy, almost frozen.
Her eyes were in the back of her head, she was very thin and dehydrated and very cold, like a piece of ice.

She was taken inside and put between bottlles of hot water, thinking she was not going to survive. After a while, she ate, which was a good sign, at least she was not sick.
If she wouldnt have been found, she would have lived maximum another hour. She suffered so much from cold that now she sleeps only near the heater.
Now she is a perfecly normal puppy, who plays a lot, chews on the toes, running after the cats to play, she is just a bundle of joy.
She is about 8 weeks old and she is 17 cm high and 20 cm long.


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