Wednesday, 26 December 2012


This poor girl was found on a road near Bucharest, she was very skinny, and a lot of infection injuries on her skin....It was clear she had not eaten in weeks ( see video below for Celines full story) , you can not imagine how hungry she was when the rescuer found her. A bowl of dry food was eaten in a seconds, still now, at the foster shelter she is still food obsessive and would eat every second of the day if she could.

Celine was quickly took by the rescuer to one of our vets in Bucharest and immediately she was treated, cared for and slowly this poor frail dog started to transform into a young healthy dog that loves life and just wants to loved back.
Celine is a very friendly and gentle doggie, despite that her life had been full of cruelty, abuse and neglect, yet as you will see on the video below she still comes to you waging her tail all the time, wanting to be cuddled and fussed.
Even now, when we know that she is safe in the foster shelter, the memories come flooding back of how she was found and what life she had to have led by the awful state she was found in. So many people would have walked passed her, not given her a second look, left her to rot on the streets. Celine to them was no different to the hundreds they would pass the same as her every month, to them Celine was a disease something that should be eradicated.
Celine is a very submissive doggie, very friendly with dogs and humans, she was not tested with the cats, but we are confident by her character that she can also live with a cats too.
She has been:
Fully Vaccinated
and even has her very own EU Pet Passport ready to go to her forever home.

Please, if you could open your home and heart to this brave and amazing little dog, please contact our charity as soon as possible.


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