Thursday, 27 December 2012

ADOPTED = CD Bella, 18 month old collie cross. Needing forever home.

SUNDAY, 29 JULY 2012

ADOPTED = CD Bella, 18 month old collie cross. Needing forever home.

Bella is one of 8 dogs seen looking in a poor condition in the back yard of a home in Bucharest. The family that owned them were obviously not taking care of them as they were very malnourished. On talking to the family it became clear that they were too poor to feed the dogs (even though they had only recently got two of them) and the dogs often went unfed for days on end. It appeared that the family were not only too poor to feed the dogs but that they were also uneducated in animal welfare and well being and also cared little about the animals.
Bella along with the other dogs was rescued from this family and taken to a shelter where further examination showed they were covered in fleas and ticks and the malnutrition was even worse than first suspected with some being skin and bone beneath the fur. All the dogs were treated for the fleas and ticks and have been given the nourishment they need. And Bella is now doing very well. She is very good with humans, very responsive and friendly. Also she is very good with other dogs having spent so long with so many.
Bella now needs a forever home desperately.She needs a secure long term loving environment where she can truly flourish and have the attention she needs .Bella has had such a hard time but a special person to give a forever home will soon help put the past behind her.
Bella is vaccinated, de-wormed, and spayed

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