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NAYA - 6year old small doberman female - UK

Meet the beautiful Naya! She is 6 years young and she cannot wait to finally meet her new family. Unfortunately she had an awful start to life on the streets of Croatia. She had no food, no water, no love. She knew nothing but hurt until a kind lady found her and brought her to safety. She does bare the marks of her neglect as she was found with her beautiful body covered with demote mange. This has cleared up wonderfully and her skin is healing well.

Naya is a very placid, submissive girl that gets on well with dogs, cats and children. She is fully vaccinated, micro chipped and speyed and has her suitcase packed ready to go!

She is:
Fully vaccinated, 
Micro chipped 
Vet checked
DEFRA Compliant

Thursday, 14 August 2014

ADOPTED - LANA - UK foster - 1.5 year old female Istrian Hound. Fostered in Hemel Hempsted, Hertfordshire.

ADOPTED - LANA - UK foster - 1.5 year old female Istrian Hound. Fostered in Hemel Hempsted, Hertfordshire.

This is Lana's story in the words of her wonderful rescuers and carers.

Lana is a gentle soul in a body of an Istrian Short-haired Hound.  We don't know actually if she's a pure breed and you know what?  We don't care.  She's alive and safe and waiting for her forever home.   

We found her after she's been wandering the streets for days, totally malnourished and hypothermic with overgrown nails.   After a foster home has been found, we managed to catch her and checked if she is micro chipped which, of course, she wasn't.   But she was covered with fleas, has one canine damaged (nothing serious), one joint is swollen and she has small wounds on one of the paws.   

Since this was written Lana has been lucky enough to be fostered by a lovely couple in the UK. She really is showing her loving side and has bonded well with her foster mother. She is great with other dogs and loves to run and play, but also to be fussed and cuddled. She also gets on with her foster dad but only when her foster mother isn't there. As she bonded with her first she seems unwilling to 'share' her and when both foster parents are there she is 'warning' her foster dad away from her and her foster mother. 

This is jealousy and insecurity which the foster parents who are very experienced are working on. However, at this time we would have to say that she needs a home where there is only one person and no children or other dogs. 

Name: Lana
Gender: Female
Breed: Potentially an Istrian short-haired Hound
Birth: 1.10.2012.
Vacc./chipped: Yes
Spayed: Yes

Location: foster home in Hemel Hempsted, Hertfordshire.
Ref: HR-DSV-Lana-000134

ADOPTED - Missy - 12 month old female lab cross. In foster in UK

ADOPTED - Missy - 12 month old female lab cross. In foster in UK

Missy was found as a very young girl, wandering the streets and fending for herself as best she could. She may have been born on the streets, her mother thrown out when her owners realised she was pregnant .. or she may have been born in the owners house and then thrown on to the streets when she stopped feeding off her mother. Either way as a very young little girl she would have found herself in a terrifying situation, always hungry as the older bigger dogs fought her off any food she found .. and always thirsty as they also chased her off any water. Her days will have been filled with the sounds of dogs fighting, often to the death and she would have soon learnt to avoid the local people many of whom beat, kick and brutally kill any stray dog that gets in their way. A life where every day you are in fear, hungry and thirsty, and every night you only have sleep, listening out for any sound that tells you you need to run. By the time she was found she was exhausted, her body and mind worn down by such a hard life .. and yet when some lovely rescuers found her and took her to safety they saw an amazingly strong character, a little girl who refused to be beaten by the hardships of her life... all this at just 4 months old !!

After a couple of days Missy started to show the immense amount of love she has. Despite everything human kind had done to her she started to show amazing forgiveness and trust. Her carers started to be greeted with a very waggy tail, and a very vocal welcome. With good food, medical treatment for ticks, fleas and small cuts and grazes, and the gentle and patient love from her rescuers she was starting to heal in body and mind .. and having felt the gentleness of her carers touches, she decided she liked it very much.

And so, the other side of Missy started to shine through .. the girl full of love who just adored her cuddles. And then she began to flourish ! The shy and scared little girl disappeared and her cheeky, playful and energetic character started to shine through.

Shortly afterwards it looked like Missy's life was at last settled forever. She was adopted by a lovely couple in the UK. But, sadly, through no-ones fault circumstances changed and they could no longer keep her. Now, she is in foster in the UK. She is so happy with her foster father and for all the love she gets she gives it back tenfold. However, she really is a livewire, full of energy and very boisterous. She needs a lot of excersise to work off all that zest for life. At the moment her energy and youthfulness over takes her sometimes so she will need someone experienced with high energy breeds who will make sure she is physically stimulated and mentally stimulated or she does become over excitable. This of course will get better as long as she is exercised regularly. Because of her zealous nature she needs a lot of training. She is not yet able to be let off the leader as her excitement over takes her recall .. and she can jump a 5 foot fence so until she settles she will need a very secure garden.

Missy loves other dogs. She loves to play. She is rather dominant, just down to her youth and energy but there is no malice in her. She would be a surperb companion to another energetic and playful dog but would be a bit too much for an older and/or quieter dog. She is very 'interested' in cats. There is no aggression but she will chase them with her tail going mad wanting to play. Cats being cats don't appreciate this generally and so a home without a house cat would be most suitable.

Missy is a dog that will need a lot of patience and hard work. BUT for just 5 minutes of her love all the work is worth it. Finally settled at night she loves to just cuddle up and no amount of fuss is too much. She desperately needs a forever home now, where she can settle for once and for all.

DEFRA Compliant for travel
Clinically examined
Vaccinated: yes (inc. Rabies)
Spayed: yes
Treated for fleas and worms: yes
Microchipped: yes
EU passport: yes

Saturday, 14 June 2014


Andora led a miserable existence on the street, with lack of food and water .. no shelter and constant fight, often to the death, between dogs with everything in such short supply. She, at some time will probably have been attacked herself but will certainly have seen the horrors of dogs fighting and heard the horrific sounds. In addition to this she would have seen and hear the cries of her fellow street dogs are they were beaten at killed by local people.

Andora was eventually taken off the street and taken to a public pound, and she might have thought her troubles were over. However at the public pound there are 20+ dogs in every kennel and they are given little food and water so the fights continue and many dogs die, either because of the fights or through hunger and thirst.

Andora in her foster home

Andoras' luck really changed when a lovely couple form the UK agreed to foster her and give her the chance of a new life. At first she was a little nervous and quiet but showed no signs of aggression and it was obvious from the start what a beautiful girl was behind the nervous girl they were seeing. However, after a short time her trust in her foster family grew and so did her confidence. She gets on fantastically with the dogs at the foster carers home and just loves to play, but she is also very loving and adores human contact.

Andora playing with her foster brother

Due to her breed and size Andora does have a lot of energy and will need a home with a large garden and will also need a lot of long walks. So, a family with an active lifestyle will be needed. She gets on very well with other dogs but and a home with another dog would suit her very much, however it would need to be a medium/large dog as in play she is very boisterous. Andora is fine with children, however we would suggest in the home only children over 14 years of age, again due to her size and energy. A smaller child could be hurt by her, purely accidentally, in play.

Andora  is 18 kg and fully grown so medium sized.  She is a beautiful and friendly girl who will make a wonderful family member and companion.  She is great with people and other dogs.  She has been in foster since 15/2/14, so will need a little time to adjust before she is ready for her new family but please get in touch if you can offer Andora a home. 

Vaccinated: yes
Neutered: yes
Treated for fleas and worms: yes
Microchipped: yes
EU passport: yes

Age: 1 year
Weight:  18 kg

Saturday, 7 June 2014


Found in the mountains, north of Romania, at the beginning of May, they are now about 5 months old.

 Valery and Andy when they were rescued...Andy is the white boy and Valery the little brown girl...Both are currently being fostered in Staffordshire...

Valery is very quiet and sweet, getting along very well with other dogs and cats.

Andy is still smaller than Valery, he's very talkative and territorial. His personality is perfect for a family without other animals, although he's used to being with other dogs.

Name: Valery and Andy
Age: 5 Months
Sex: Female and Male
Ref: Kendra Pinder


Just like his brother, Tesco lived in a drain ditch near a fast road, in a village near Vukovar. 

Peasants ignored them, usually only hit them when they passed nearby, and yelled at our volunteer who tried to help them by bringing food and water anytime she could. 

When our dogs got adopted in the UK we were able to pick him up and now he’s safe in foster waiting for someone to adopt him.


Name: Tesco
Gender: Male
Breed: Half breed
Birth: around August 2013.
Chipped: Yes
Neutered: Yes

Location: Da Sapu! Vukovar foster home
Ref: HR-DSV-Tesco-000056


Darko was found wondering the streets of Zagreb and is still in need of a home.  

He was very lucky to be saved by a local NGO as the life of a stray in Croatia is usually not a happy one, full of hunger, suffering and brutality.

Darko is good with dogs, people and children, full of character and very cute.  He is a lovely cuddly dog who desperately wants to be a best friend and family member.   

Watch video of Darko -

Name: Darko
Gender: male
Birth: December 2013

Weight: 20 kgs
Vaccinated/chipped: yes
Neutered: soon

Location: local rescue 7-9's foster home
Ref: HR-7-9-Darko-000149


Ella is around 2 years old Pekingese cross (maybe a Tibby cross)..She is very sweet loving, gentle girl. She gets along with all dogs, children and would fit into any family really well. She is on death row. Fully vaccinated and spayed. 
Death date: 12.November

 Name: Ella
Age: 2 Years
Sex: Female
Vaccinated: Yes
Spayed: Yes
Ref: Kendra Pinder


Milla is approx. one and a half ( max two ) years old , she is Labrador retriever mix , white long coated beauty with gorgeous mellow temper . 
She was found on the outskirts of Sarajevo ,near the free way ,with her two 4 month old puppies (from her first litter) and her new litter of puppies ( 7 puppies just 25 days old ....) She was starved ,full of wounds but such a sweetheart and such a kind dog .. We took the two sick 4 month old puppies (Laurel and Hardy ), placed them in a Pension (are now fully recovered and also seeking a home and are also completely travel ready and as mellow as their mom ) and placed Milla with her still breast feeding puppies to a foster.

Unfortunately, soon after , the puppies got parvo and died in the matter of hours ... I immediately took poor Milla and fostered her in my apartment because she was so sad and did not stop seeking her puppies for 10 days .... When she was recovered ,and her milk vanished,I took her to be spayed and to get her Rabies vaccine and to do the whole vet check up ,passport and everything... 

 Milla was then reunited with her two grown up boys Laurel and Hardy at a very nice Pension like foster where she has been since .


 She has been leash trained, she is the most assertive and mellow dog I have ever met . She is very affectionate to puppies and kids .Very loyal and obedient.  Loves humans. Has no issues what so ever ! She is like a stuffed toy,you can cuddle her,you can kiss her and all she wants is more and more :) 

 Milla is travel ready (has received all her vaccines, Rabies, has been de-wormed with Panacur , is used to being brushed regularly and taken to the Pet grooming salon , has been treated with Advocate ,is micro-chipped and is spayed ) .
She goes along great with other dogs,regardless of their size or temperament . 
Is good with cats ,chicken and other animals ( she will not harm them but she will not also play with them) .

Due to her having had a litter puppies and to summer period,her coat has shed so it will grow back as it is seen on the first photos .
A home check up is must for the potential adopter,as well as signing the adoption agreement , some update from time to time from the adopter would be nice as I treat Milla like she is my own skin-and-bones <3  This would cover the Pension debt and to buy the EU certificate (which is not included in the kind donation for the transport costs).The adoption fee would be  £70 . 

If you have some more questions or want some more photos ,please mail me .
This is Milla's Facebook Album (it is Public,so you can see more photos and the original Posting when we first found them all ).

Name: Milla
Age: 2 Years Approx
Sex: Female
Spayed: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
Ref: Mia O┼żegovi