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SUNDAY, 10 JUNE 2012

ADOPTED Leo, Male, approx 2 years old, needing forever home.

Leo was one of six siblings living on the streets in a residential area of Romania. Living as strays they lived on scraps of food thrown to them, and this is how workers at a nearby factory found it possible to poison them. Luckily all six survived having been found and very quickly treated after the poisoning.

The seven yound dogs were taken into foster care and one by one they have been adopted. But Leo is still waiting. He can be very shy at first, which isn't surprising considering in the early days they had no contact with humans. However, once he gets to know you Leo is very friendly and loving and enjoys playing as well as being petted and fussed.

The people at the foster care do as much as they can but they have to share their time between many dogs. Leo desperately need that very special forever home where he can get all the love and attention he loves so much...and also deserves.

Leo, is great with people, once he gets to know them. He is also good with other dogs as he is introduced to new ones regularly at the foster placement.

He is micro chipped, fully vaccinated and de-wormed and neutered.


SUNDAY, 10 JUNE 2012

ADOPTED Joy - Male, approx 4 years old, Terrier cross.

Joy was wandering the streets of Romania, under constant threat of being beaten, starving and alone. In 2009 he was found lying in agony with a fracture of the back leg. The good people who found him took him to the vet and after several operations the leg was mended and Joy is now completely recovered.

Since then Joy has lived in a shelter, spending most days in  kennel. The staff have no time to soend with individual dogs so it is a very lonely existence..that has been his life for 3 years. Often Joy is sad and tired, but when the staff do have to to spend with him his eyes light up and he becomes full of life and energy.
Joy desperately needs to have a forever home where he can feel like that all the time !!

Joy loves the attention of humans, loves to be petted and played with and is very much a peoples dog. He is alright around other dogs but can be a bit dominant with them.

Joy is fully vaccinated, neutered and micro chipped.


ADOPTED NERO = IB 4 year old male small/medium size possible terrier /collie mix needing a forever home

Nero, it is not known if he has had a family before, he was taken to the shelter from the streets by the dog catcher. Life on the streets for these dogs is very dangerous indeed, they face starvation, beatings, being ran over, tortured or even killed for money, not to mention illness and disease.

 Nero is a friendly little boy who seems to get on well with every one, including dogs, cats and children, though a family with children over the age of 7 would be advised.

He is small to medium size so he would be suitable for the smaller home. Nero just wants to be loved and have that forever family.

He will be fully vaccinated, chipped and have a pass port ready to travel.



ADOPTED :IB Mosu 10 yr old male Romanian timber cross needing a forever home

Mosu has spent most of his life on a chain in his owners yard, finaly he managed to escape and was taken to the shelter by the dog catchers.

He is a friendly dog and enjoys human company, which is amazing considering he was chained up most of his life.

Mosu is showing some signs of arthritis in his back legs again not helped by the fact he spent most of his life outside and in the harsh winters too, but apart from that he is a happy healthy dog.

Mosu will be fully vaccinated, neutered, chipped and pass ported ready for a new home.


MONDAY, 11 JUNE 2012

ADOPTED Prince, male approx 2 years old.Shepherd cross.

.Prince and his brother Teddy are currently being looked after by residents in a neighbourhood in Romania. They are, if you like..communal dogs. However this is no good as a long term life for them and they so desperately need a forever home. On the streets they are at risk from dog catchers who would take them to a shelter. The type of shelters they go to in this way are horrendous places where dogs are not cared for or loved..and often not even fed. For the most part these dogs are just left to die.
Prince is about 40 cm tall and he is very athletic so will need a lot of excercising. He is very very friendly to people, including children and gets on with cats and other dogs. He shows no aggression and when set upon by some stray dogs in the area preffered to run away than to fight.
Prince has never lived in a house and may take some time to adapt and so would be best with experienced owners.
Prince will be vaccinated, neutered and micro chipped by July.


ADOPTED Skinny (aka Honey) 3 to 4 yrs old mixed breed medium size female needing a forever home

Skinny has spent most of her life fending for her self in a field in all kinds of weather.
Skinny was one of the lucky ones, a lady took her in and cared for her, Skinny is a shy dog who needs time to adjust.
She gets on well with other dogs and has yet to be tested to see if she gets on with cats.

Skinny will need an experienced owner who has a lot of time and patience. Skinny has been working with an animal behaviorist because of aggression issues, she did not trust people, but is making progress, she is now no longer aggressive, which of course was due to fear, but still very shy. We advise a family that has had experience with aggressive dogs and preferably no children or at least grown up children in the household. Skinny still needs a lot of work, she needs to learn how to play, give affection and to trust, she will go to people now but is still very shy and weary, but all of this will take time. Skinny still has a tendancy to run and hide from people, and needs time to feel secure and to know she is not going to be hurt or in danger, it would be best if her new owners had a garden with high fences and take her into the garden on a leash, until she feels secure enough to know she is safe. An experienced family with skinny is a must as she is still learning to trust people. Skinny has been in foster for a few weeks now and is starting to wag her tail and take treats from the fosterers hand. she will be fully vaccinted, dewormed and defleed ready for a new home.


ADOPTED Gipsy 4 year old female abandoned on the streets,shepherd cross needing a forever home.

Gipsy is a 4 year old and was abandoned on the streets in the middle of winter. she was left by some gipsy's because she was pregnant.

Gipsy is a very friendly and loving dog and gets on well with others dogs aswell as humans and has a calm temperament.

She is now sterilizied, dewormed , vaccinated and will be microchipped.
All she needs is a forever home.



ADOPTED Tara 5 yr old female Doberman cross needing a forever home

Tara was taken to a shelter by the dog catcher it seems her owner no longer wanted her, so it was either the shelter or a life on the streets having to fend for her self and fight to survive.

Tara is a very obedient dog and full of affection, she adores human company and likes to be around other dogs too. Tara is a gentle giant, she loves to play and is a happy healthy dog, the thing we can not say is if she has had contact with children so we would advise children of teenage years if she is to be adopted into a family. Tara has shown no aggression.

Tara is fully vaccinated  and chipped, ready to travel anytime.
You can make a difference by saving one!

Oana,Lin. Malin


ADOPTED - OANA: IB OANA 3 year old female shepherd cross medium size looking for a forever home

Oana was found by the road side with injuries to her leg and was taken to the Raduati shelter by the dogs catchers. She would have most likely died if she had not have been taken there, and probably not from her injuries but from starvation or being beaten as she would have been unable to defend herself with being injured.

She has recovered well from an operation for her injuries and is now looking for a home, shelter life is not the place for her, cold, open to the elements, in a space with at least 50 other dogs and only make shift kennels to sleep in.

They think Oana may have had a family before. Considering what she has been through she is a very friendly girl, enjoys human contact and gets on with the other dogs. Oana is fine with cats and children over the age of 7.

Oana deserves the right to a loving home and a family to care for her.

Oana will be fully vaccinated, chipped, dewormed and deflead and have an EU pass port ready to travel.



ADOPTED LIN =IB LIN 7 to 8 year old female terrier cross needing a forever home

Lin is a sweet little old lady and has been in the Radauti shelter for 6 months now, brought in by the dog catchers. It is not known whether she has had a family before or why she ended up on the streets fending for her self.

Lin is a sweet friendly girl that enjoys human company and cuddles and fusses.

The shelters are no place for these older dogs or any dog for that matter, under funded, limited time and staff who do the best they can with what they have.

The shelters are freezing in the winter and they cannot afford to heat them properly.

Lin just needs a loving home in her tender years, she will be fully vaccinated and chipped and have her own pass port.



ADOPTED - MALIN : IB MALIN 2 yearold female possible basset cross small/medium size needing a forever home

Malin taken to the Radauti shelter in Romania by the dogcatchers. It is not known if she has had a family before or simply a stray fending for herself on the streets, facing starvation, being beaten, hit by traffic or being killed for money.

Malin is a sweet girl who craves affection and loves contact with the volunteers and jumps up to greet them, she is friendly with every one including the other dogs sharing the kennels with her.

She is small to medium size so would suit somewhere with a smallish garden or yard.

Malin loves to do tricks and likes to stand on her hind legs and "dance", it is not know if she is child friendly so a family with children under the age of 7 would not be advised.

Malin will be fully vaccinated, chipped, dewormed and have an EU pass port ready to travel.




ADOPTED Cara 12 month old female collis mix needing medium size needing a forever home

Cara lives in a yard of  an apartment complex with her mother Linda, they have to leave there soon and have no where to go, other than the streets probably or a shelter.

They are both safe and well and being well cared for at the moment, but after September this will all change.

Cara enjoys playing and loves the company of humans and other dogs and gets on well with children, she would make a lovely family pet and with still being young she will be eager to learn and please.

Cara is fully vaccinated, dewormed, defleed and spayed, and now just needs a loving home.




ADOPTED Goldie 14 months old German Shepherd male needing a forever home

Most of the dogs in Romania are either dumped on the streets, dumped in public shelters which are horrendous places, born on the streets having to fend for themselves and face all kinds of dangers. Starvation being the biggest, beatings, torture, being hit by cars or even killed for money. The streets are a cruel cruel place especially winter time. Some also suffer horrendous cruelty from so called animal loving owners and the lucky ones are taken to private shelters where they are looked after until homes can be found for them.

This handsome young chap was found on the streets, trying to fend for himself. Goldie was skin and bone, life on the streets is not a good place to be for the more experienced dogs, let a lone a youngster. Starvation, being beaten, tortured and even killed for money.

Thankfully Goldie is now safe in kennels and thriving, he is a playful happy dog, he gets on well with other dogs and enjoys human company too.

Goldie is fully vaccinated, chipped, dewormed, deflead and neutered and also has a pass port ready to travel, he just needs a loving home.




ADOPTED Marco - 1 year old male Greyhound Cross, crushed by a car by a miracle runs and plays as any other dog. In desperate need of a forever home.

Marco was hit by the car ( more than likely on purpose which is common place in Romania) that left him with serious injuries to is rear legs. he was actually quite lucky as in fact the car drove over his entire body but by some miracle only his legs were damaged.

One of the legs had a femur fracture and the other one the hip was crushed. He was left where he lay writhing in indescribable pain until he was rescued. Marco was operated on three times.  One for the femur fracture and 2 for the hip realignment.
An angel must be watching over this lovely dog as not only was he rescued and not left to die in agony like hundreds are each year, but considering his injuries  it is incredible that with the expertise of the veterinarian and Marcos determination to not give up, he still has use of both his legs.

He plays, runs and walk with no pain, and the only real way you can see he has been injured is he walks a little differently than other non injured dogs. ( Please see videos)

However we believe this makes Marco even more special. This brave young dog has been through so very much, yet still has the courage to go on and enjoy life, and his determination to walk and not allow his abuser to have taken his independence as he did try to take his life is just inspirational.

Marco is a lovely dog, he is tolerant and friendly with the humans, dogs and cats or any other creature in this world.

Considering the cruelty this poor dog has been forced to endure, it is incredible the humbleness and tolerance of this dogs character towards others. What is very clear with Marco is he has such great joy in his heart to still be alive you can see it in everything he does.

Currently he going through doggy training to make things as easy as possible for that wonderful forever family that welcomes him into their home. He is learning how to walk on a leash and is also doing very well on the house training side of things.
With a dog like Marco, we are hoping that a family as special as he is will see him and give him that chance and a happy life just as all dogs deserve.
Marco is:
Fully vaccinated
Has his very own EU Pet Passport

If you are that amazing family and have room in your heart and home for this one very special and inspirational boy, please contact our charity as soon as possible


ADOPTED Leo=DM 10 month old male, retreiver cross medium/large size needing a forever home

Leo found with his brother Max in a public car park. He is a happy playful little chap and just loves his food.

Leo will make a welcome addition to any family, he is already showing signs of being an ideal pet, he adores the company of people and with being young Leo will be easily trained. Leo loves to give and receive affection, loves to play, basically he just loves attention.
Leo just needs his forever home.

Here he is pictured with his brother Max.

Leo is dewormed and fully vaccinated to legal requirements for transportation.

he will be neutered and have an EU pass port.



ADOPTED MADA = IB 8 month old female small size mixed breed needing a forever home

Mada was taken to the Radauti shelter by the dog catchers when she was a bout 2 months old. Surviving on the streets of Romania at such a young age, she has literally no chance of survival, starvation, being killed by the older bigger dogs in fights for food, being ran over or even tortured for fun.
Mada is a loving sweet girl who just desperately wants a home of her own, she enjoys human company and gets on well with other dogs.

Mada is fully vaccinated, chipped, spayed and has a pass port.


ADOPTED THEO:CD Theo 7 months old male Jack russel type needing a forever home

This is Theo he was found with his mum and 8 siblings, they were starving, hunting for food in terrible weather conditions. chances of survival on the streets are very slim being beaten, tortured and even killed for money.

Theo is now a happy healthy little boy and would be a welcome additon to any family, and with being a pup he will easily be trained and eager to learn. he is a happy sociable little boy.

He will be fully vaccinated and chipped ready for his new home.




ADOPTED - DEX : IB DEX approx 1 year old male possible lab/bullterrier mix needing a forever home

Dex is in the Radauti shelter in Romania he has been there about 4 months. He was taken there by the dog catchers, it is not know if he was abandoned by a family or born on the streets. He has been tested with cats and seems to get along with them ok and has been fine when children have been around, though we would still recommend no children in a family under 7.

Dex is very un happy at the shelter he is being picked on by the other dogs and is giving up, he sits on his own out of the way of the other dogs and his only comfort is when the volunteers are there to feed them and clean them out, he desperately needs a home.He is a lovely boy that deserves better.

He will be fully vaccinated, chipped and neutered.


ADOPTED IGGY=LM IGGY 1 year old male Beagle needing a forever home

 Iggy the beagle was abandoned by his owner, simply because he is a beagle. Beagles need plenty of long walks and things to keep him occupied as they can be destructive if left for long periods with nothing to do. Beagles usually fare best in a home with another dog they adore company.

A garden with a deep rooted fence or slabbed area would be good as beagles love to dig and have been known to tunnel their way out of a garden!!

Iggy is a lovely young boy and as you can see from the picture he gets on well with other dogs and cats too, he needs an active family, he loves to play and loves his toys, he also gets on well with children.

Iggy is a very smart little boys and just needs a loving home, he is fully vaccinated but not neutered yet, this can be arranged by his carer.


ADOPTED:RSPAT Zoe 9 month old mixed breed female needing forever home

Zoe is living by an appartment block in Bucharest, a very nice lady is feeding her and caring for her. Zoe is a very friendly dogs and adored human company and gets on well with other dogs and children.

Zoe has been wormed externaly and internally, she is spayed. The lady will continue to look after her for as long as she can, but Zoe needs a proper home, a garden she can call her own, a food dish that will always be full and a warm soft cosey bed at night.

Zoe needs to be off the streets, a very dangerous place indeed for stray dogs.




ADOPTED - Rory – 8 month old female Doberman Cross

Rory was found on the street with her mother and her siblings, roaming around searching for food and water. On the streets of Romania many dogs suffer at the hands of the local people who regularly beat and abuse dogs, often until they die. Rory and her family were lucky, they were rescued and lived in a foster home where they got the food they needed to build their strength, and the love and hope they needed to continue life.

Her mother and her siblings have now been adopted and now Rory needs to find her forever home, where she can flourish, and enjoy the love every dog so desperately needs and deserves.

Rory is a very happy dog, full of life and joy. She loves the company of humans and is very playful. She also loves the company of other dogs and would do well in a household where other dogs already exists. She also gets on well with cats. She is fully vaccinated, dewormed, micro-chipped and spayed.

Perfect home the children would be of an older age as she does get scared by teeny tiny ones.

 Please, if you can offer this beautiful young dog a home please contact our charity as soon as possible

Carer: RAA