Wednesday, 30 January 2013


ADOPTED Skinny (aka Honey) 3 to 4 yrs old mixed breed medium size female needing a forever home

Skinny has spent most of her life fending for her self in a field in all kinds of weather.
Skinny was one of the lucky ones, a lady took her in and cared for her, Skinny is a shy dog who needs time to adjust.
She gets on well with other dogs and has yet to be tested to see if she gets on with cats.

Skinny will need an experienced owner who has a lot of time and patience. Skinny has been working with an animal behaviorist because of aggression issues, she did not trust people, but is making progress, she is now no longer aggressive, which of course was due to fear, but still very shy. We advise a family that has had experience with aggressive dogs and preferably no children or at least grown up children in the household. Skinny still needs a lot of work, she needs to learn how to play, give affection and to trust, she will go to people now but is still very shy and weary, but all of this will take time. Skinny still has a tendancy to run and hide from people, and needs time to feel secure and to know she is not going to be hurt or in danger, it would be best if her new owners had a garden with high fences and take her into the garden on a leash, until she feels secure enough to know she is safe. An experienced family with skinny is a must as she is still learning to trust people. Skinny has been in foster for a few weeks now and is starting to wag her tail and take treats from the fosterers hand. she will be fully vaccinted, dewormed and defleed ready for a new home.


ADOPTED Gipsy 4 year old female abandoned on the streets,shepherd cross needing a forever home.

Gipsy is a 4 year old and was abandoned on the streets in the middle of winter. she was left by some gipsy's because she was pregnant.

Gipsy is a very friendly and loving dog and gets on well with others dogs aswell as humans and has a calm temperament.

She is now sterilizied, dewormed , vaccinated and will be microchipped.
All she needs is a forever home.


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