Thursday, 3 January 2013


Adopted! Snowy 5 yr old female retreiver type cross needing a forever home

Snowy has been in the Radauti shelter for a year now, probably abandoned on the streets, left to starve to death, fight for food, risk being beaten tortured or even killed for money.

The shelter is no place for these dogs as the volunteers have so little time and resources to do what is needed.

Snowy is a little princess, gets on well with every one including other dogs, but a little submissive around the more dominant dogs. She deserves the chance of a proper home.

Snowy will be fully vaccinated, spayed, chipped and have a pass port ready to travel.



ADOPTED - Radha is looking for a home

Radha and her brothers were found in winter time, almost dead at – 10 degrees, no food or water in an empty field...
The vet made huge efforts to save them and now all of them are safe and sound in a doggie pension, playing all the day long, waiting for the perfect familly.

Radha is fully vaccinated, microchiped, has EU passaport, ready to travel anytime.
Date of birth:august 2012
Small/medium size in future 

You can make a difference by saving one!

ADOPTED NEMO = RS 3 and a half month old male puppy Jack Russell cross needing a forever home

Nemo abandoned on the streets at such a young age, his chances of survival were very slim indeed. Facing starvation, beatings, tortured, being killed by older and bigger dogs for food, freezing conditions or even killed for money.

Nemo is now safe in a private shelter and doing very well.He is a smart little boy and the house training is coming along nicely, he uses the training pads, he is well behaved on a leash. Nemo is a playful little boy that gets on well wit hevery one including other dogs, though he is a bit of a wuss when it comes to the cold. Nermo gets on well with both dogs and cats and is fully vaccinated though still too young to be neutered.


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