Thursday, 3 January 2013


MONDAY, 16 JULY 2012

Adopted! Katie, 1 year old female, medium sized doberman cross. Needing forever home..

This lovely girl is Katie. Katie was found wandering the streets looking very confused, frightened and disoriantated. From her condition it appeared that she had an owner shortly before being found as she was not too much under weight or in too bad a condition. However no owner came back to find her and it became clear she had been abandoned.
Katie is now is a foster home. Despite what happened to her she has settled very quickly which is a good sign for the future. She has proven to be a very loving dog who is also very playful with humens and other dogs. She now needs a forever home where she can be shown all the love, affection and security that she needs. In return her new owner (s) will definately get a lot of love and affection from her.
Katies is fully vaccinated, de-wormed and spayed.


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