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Adopted! Dizzy - 7 month gentle female Collie/Terrier Cross, rescued from starvation now looking for her forever home

Dizzy is a very gentle girl. She along with her 5 brothers and sisters where found by the side of railways lines when they were only a few weeks old. They were so small that they didn't even know how to eat and drink on their own. That will give you an idea of how cruel a human had been and left these little ones to a certain death.

If they had not been found, they most certainly would have died from hypothermia and starvation. Thankfully they were found, and immediately received nutrition and a medical check up. Also they were taken into foster until they were old enough to be transferred to the rescue shelter until they were found forever homes.

Dizzys  brothers and sisters have already been adopted but poor little Dizzy, she is still waiting for her perfect family to find her and take her home with them. Humans who will care for her and show her as much love as she will them.

She is such a sweet loving dog, begging for affection and love, she is most happy sitting in someones lap and just being there in human company both adults and children.

She gets along great with other dogs and because of her submissive temperament we are sure she is fine with cats but of course we can test her if need be.

Dizzy is:
Fully Vaccinated ( including anti rabies)
Has EU pet passport so ready to travel

Please, if you could offer this amazingly brave and wonderful little girl a home, please contact our charity immediately. She really does need to be in a warm home rather than a rescue shelter. Some dogs are fine in such places, but Dizzy...She really does need to be in her own home with her very family, interacting with them and getting all the fuss and cuddles a dog can manage.

Ref: APO

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