Saturday, 19 January 2013

Carusso = IB


ADOPTED - Carusso - 5 year old small terrier mix. In desperate need of a loving home

Carusso here has seen many things in his life, not just the care and love of a loving owner but also loneliness and pain. His story begins slightly different to many from Romania but sadly like the majority was destined to meet the same cruel end as thousands of others do.

He was actually loved very much by his previous owners, cared for and looked after like the very special little guy that he is. Then fate dealt him an awful fate, his beloved owner died suddenly and carusso was left in the hands of his now dead owners relatives.

Rather than honoring their passed relatives wishes and continue caring fir Carusso, they callously abandoned him to a shelter that was once well known for its cruelty and abuse.

From a warm bed and the gentle hand of his human master this little guy, through no fault of his own, found himself on a freezing and filthy cold concrete floor surrounded by hundreds of other dogs. Some were poor abandoned souls just like him, others sadly from the day they were born had to fight to survive and so could be aggressive.

Little Carusso did not stand a chance, though this little dog has a brave soul and would try to stand up for himself, time and again he would be beaten down by the larger more dominant dogs there.

After the local animal welfare group gained access to the shelter, more food was available for the dogs, better living conditions..But a horrible shelter will always remain a horrible shelter. In this place the death and brutality that was common place seems to have encrusted itself into the very brickwork of what was meant to be a safe haven for strays.

Every day dogs like Carusso stay here, there is a fear they will loose themselves completely. This little guy needs that home, that human care that he pines for, that he misses so very much.

Carusso would suit a home where he is the only dog, mainly because he needs one to one attention as he used to receive from the owner that once loved him so very much.  He is such a special little guy, playful and adoring. he just wants that master or mistress that will love him as much as he will love them. Just as he remembers it used to be.

Please don't let Carussos only memories of a home and of love be from his past, if you can offer this lovely dog a home contact our charity today. he needs to be out of that shelter, he needs to be where he belongs. In a loving home with a family.

Carusso is Fully vaccinated
EU Pet Passport 

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