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ADOPTED - Bella - 5 month old Carpathian Sheepdog/Beagle cross in urgent need of a loving home

Bella, a beautiful big lovable 5 month old female Carpathian sheepdog/Beagle cross puppy left to starve in a field along with her her siblings when they were only a few days old. By a miracle were spotted and rescued, now full of life and very much looking for her forever home.

Bella when only a few days old was dumped in a field along with her siblings. Here if predators had not killed them they would have died a very painful death of starvation and dehydration. As soon as they were rescued and after a visit to the veterinarian as you can see here, she has gone on to prove under that big ball of fur and love is one tough little cookie that really wants the chance of a wonderful life.

Being a Carpathian/Beagle mix, Bella's forever home will need to have a fairly large home, a good size garden and most importantly be able to give her the regular exercise and playtime/social interaction these dogs need the most.

Size wise she will grow to be around the same size as a medium german shepherd, possibly so experience with larger breeds is recommended. Carpathian sheepdogs are a very agile and loyal breed with very thick coats to protect them from the elements for which they were bred for. Beagle dog's personality tends to be good natured, curious, and affectionate which makes them an ideal pet for adults. So you have a very good mix of breeds here and character in Bella.

Because Bella is a cross breed she will not be as large as a full breed Carpathian and because of the beagle mix she certainly will be much smaller. Some of her siblings have more Carpathian than beagle and they are much much larger than her.

Bella is very even tempered and and though slightly smaller than her some of her siblings she is  little more confident then the others but not dominant, she loves to play and likes very much human attention however is very good at amusing herself as well.

Please, if you could offer this wonderful big girl a home please contact our charity as soon as possible.

Bella is:
Fully Vaccinated
(depending on date of adoption) will be spayed
EU pet passport

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