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ADOPTED Marco - 1 year old male Greyhound Cross, crushed by a car by a miracle runs and plays as any other dog. In desperate need of a forever home.

Marco was hit by the car ( more than likely on purpose which is common place in Romania) that left him with serious injuries to is rear legs. he was actually quite lucky as in fact the car drove over his entire body but by some miracle only his legs were damaged.

One of the legs had a femur fracture and the other one the hip was crushed. He was left where he lay writhing in indescribable pain until he was rescued. Marco was operated on three times.  One for the femur fracture and 2 for the hip realignment.
An angel must be watching over this lovely dog as not only was he rescued and not left to die in agony like hundreds are each year, but considering his injuries  it is incredible that with the expertise of the veterinarian and Marcos determination to not give up, he still has use of both his legs.

He plays, runs and walk with no pain, and the only real way you can see he has been injured is he walks a little differently than other non injured dogs. ( Please see videos)

However we believe this makes Marco even more special. This brave young dog has been through so very much, yet still has the courage to go on and enjoy life, and his determination to walk and not allow his abuser to have taken his independence as he did try to take his life is just inspirational.

Marco is a lovely dog, he is tolerant and friendly with the humans, dogs and cats or any other creature in this world.

Considering the cruelty this poor dog has been forced to endure, it is incredible the humbleness and tolerance of this dogs character towards others. What is very clear with Marco is he has such great joy in his heart to still be alive you can see it in everything he does.

Currently he going through doggy training to make things as easy as possible for that wonderful forever family that welcomes him into their home. He is learning how to walk on a leash and is also doing very well on the house training side of things.
With a dog like Marco, we are hoping that a family as special as he is will see him and give him that chance and a happy life just as all dogs deserve.
Marco is:
Fully vaccinated
Has his very own EU Pet Passport

If you are that amazing family and have room in your heart and home for this one very special and inspirational boy, please contact our charity as soon as possible

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