Wednesday, 30 January 2013



ADOPTED - DEX : IB DEX approx 1 year old male possible lab/bullterrier mix needing a forever home

Dex is in the Radauti shelter in Romania he has been there about 4 months. He was taken there by the dog catchers, it is not know if he was abandoned by a family or born on the streets. He has been tested with cats and seems to get along with them ok and has been fine when children have been around, though we would still recommend no children in a family under 7.

Dex is very un happy at the shelter he is being picked on by the other dogs and is giving up, he sits on his own out of the way of the other dogs and his only comfort is when the volunteers are there to feed them and clean them out, he desperately needs a home.He is a lovely boy that deserves better.

He will be fully vaccinated, chipped and neutered.


ADOPTED IGGY=LM IGGY 1 year old male Beagle needing a forever home

 Iggy the beagle was abandoned by his owner, simply because he is a beagle. Beagles need plenty of long walks and things to keep him occupied as they can be destructive if left for long periods with nothing to do. Beagles usually fare best in a home with another dog they adore company.

A garden with a deep rooted fence or slabbed area would be good as beagles love to dig and have been known to tunnel their way out of a garden!!

Iggy is a lovely young boy and as you can see from the picture he gets on well with other dogs and cats too, he needs an active family, he loves to play and loves his toys, he also gets on well with children.

Iggy is a very smart little boys and just needs a loving home, he is fully vaccinated but not neutered yet, this can be arranged by his carer.


ADOPTED:RSPAT Zoe 9 month old mixed breed female needing forever home

Zoe is living by an appartment block in Bucharest, a very nice lady is feeding her and caring for her. Zoe is a very friendly dogs and adored human company and gets on well with other dogs and children.

Zoe has been wormed externaly and internally, she is spayed. The lady will continue to look after her for as long as she can, but Zoe needs a proper home, a garden she can call her own, a food dish that will always be full and a warm soft cosey bed at night.

Zoe needs to be off the streets, a very dangerous place indeed for stray dogs.


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