Saturday, 19 January 2013

Blackbeauty = CI,SOOK =APO

ADOPTED : CI Black beauty 3to 4 yr old female Pondenco mix needing a forever home

This sweet girl is still living on the street of Ploiesti, she is being cared for by a lovely lady, who is watching over her and feeding her. They are desperately trying to find a perminant or foster home for this lovely girl as she does not deserve a street life, she deserves a good loving home.

Black beauty is used to people being around and is a very friendly playful dog, beauty has already been spayed, she just needs a loving home.


ADOPTION - SOOK= APO 12 month old female possible lab/terrier cross needing a forever home

Sook was found on the streets of Croatia, freezing, starving and dehydrated. A lovely lady took her in and fostered her, unfortunately that lady took ill and had to go to hospital and Sook ended up in a shelter.

Sook has been used to a loving comfortable, warm home and the shelter was a shock to her system, the shelters are cold and drafty and they have to fight for food and some times sleep out side, it is no place for a small dog or any dog for that matter.

Sook is a loving little girl that adores human company and gets on well with other dogs and loves cuddles and to go for walks on a leash.

Sook is fully vaccinated and spayed and will be chipped and have her own passport ready to travel.

Unfortunately it is her colour that makes it hard for her to get adopted in Croatia, black dogs.cats are looked on as unlucky !!!

Sook just needs that forever loving home.

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