Thursday, 10 January 2013


ADOPTED Zanta :IB approx 8 months old, terrier/shepherd mix female needing a forever home

This delightful little girl found on the streets. There was no sign of Zanta's mum, so she was basically on her own at the age of two months trying to fend for herself. She faced starvation, cruelty or even being killed for money.

With Zanta being such a young girl she should settle into family life pretty quickly and be easily trained, and with being so young Zanta is doing everything an 8 month old pup should be doing, following the staff, being nosey and basically just getting into mischeif.

Zanta will be fully vaccinated and chipped and have her own pass port.

Zanta is now in foster in the UK and has settled in really well, she gets on with other dogs and enjoys the company of people and loves to be out on the leash. Her fosterer says she is a joy to have around and a sweet little girl. She is in a foster home with other dogs and loves to play.


ADOPTED - DeeDee = APO 9 month old female possible spaniel mix needing a forever home

DeeDee was born in a shelter in Croatia, her mother was thrown onto the streets when she was pregnant with DeeDee. The shelters are cold and sometimes the dogs sleep out side and have to fight for food, the carers do the best they can with the little funds and resources they have.

DeeDee had two siblings they were fortunate to be rehomed, DeeDee desperately needs that forever home, the shelter is no place for any dog never mind a young dog, they all deserve better.

DeeDee loves to go for walks and loves cuddles, she gets on well with other dogs, just aswell as she has another 199 in the shelter to keep her company !!

DeeDee is a little submissive but friendly, she is fully vaccinated, spayed and will be chipped and pass ported ready to travel.

DeeDee needs a loving home, a home she has little chance of finding in Croatia as believe it or not, it is because she is black in colour and it is considered unlucky !!!


ADOPTED - Patty =GD aprox 18 month old female terrier cross needing a forever home

This adorable little girl was found freezing and starving on the streets of Romania, she was hungry and terrified.
Patty was under weight but is now gaining weight steadily and was also suffering with a nasty cold and is now making a full recovery.
Patty is in a foster home in Romania at the moment with another little dog who she gets on very well with.

Patty is spayed and will be fully vaccinated and chipped with her own passport ready to travel to that forever home.

She is a quiet girl but does enjoy human company, Patty has not been tested with cats yet but can be.

Patty walks well on a leash but still needs a little house training, but she is getting there.

She just needs a loving home.


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