Saturday, 19 January 2013



Adopted Rocky, 3 years old male, rescued from starvation and a life of hell, now looking for a forever home

Rocky is rescued from the shelter in Feteni, Romania, where dogs are literally eating eachother due to the lack of food. He was living in horrible conditions, not eating or drinking anything for days and trying to survive and be strong.

Altough he has been thru hell, he is an incredible loving boy, with a great personality.

He is just loving the company of humans and tries to make the best of it and even though he has only 3 legs, he can run and jump like a puppy.

He is now living in foster in Bucharest.

This beauty deserves the best life in the world. Are you the one who is going to offer it?

He is fully vaccinated, he has a microchip and an european passport. He is all ready to travel to his new family.

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