Monday, 21 January 2013



ADOPTED - BROWNIE : IB BROWNIE 3 month old female pup possibly Chiuahua mix cross needing a forever home

This gorgeous little girl was abandoned out side the Raduati public shelter along with other pups and no sign of a mother. She was taken straight into foster as her chances of survival at the shelter were very slim indeed, they do not have the room to or time and resources to keep very young pups seperate from the older dogs that would just attack them, also they would not stand much of a chance in a fight for food.

Brownie is desperate for a proper home, a loving home with people who can give her what she needs. Brownie would be suitable for a family, but a family with children no younger than 7.

Brownie with being so young will be easily trained and quickly learn how it works in a family environment.

Brownie is a happy healthy little girl but can not stay in foster much longer as they are over crowded.

Brownie will be fully vaccinated and chipped but is still too young to be spayed.


ADOPTED MAYA=RI MAYA 6 month old female mixed breed needing a forever home

Maya was found on the streets after being hit by a car, cold,starving and injured. she is now in a shelter being cared for.

Maya has fully recovered from her injuries and is doing well.
She would have undoubtedly died if she had not been rescued, the streets of Romania are a cruel place for stray dogs, especially if they are injured.

Maya gets along well with every one though a little shy at first until she gets to know you,
With only being a young girl she should settle in pretty quickly to a home environment and is still young enough to be taught.

Maya just deserves a better life and a loving home.
She is fully vaccinated, spayed, chipped and has a pass port.


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