Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Oana,Lin. Malin


ADOPTED - OANA: IB OANA 3 year old female shepherd cross medium size looking for a forever home

Oana was found by the road side with injuries to her leg and was taken to the Raduati shelter by the dogs catchers. She would have most likely died if she had not have been taken there, and probably not from her injuries but from starvation or being beaten as she would have been unable to defend herself with being injured.

She has recovered well from an operation for her injuries and is now looking for a home, shelter life is not the place for her, cold, open to the elements, in a space with at least 50 other dogs and only make shift kennels to sleep in.

They think Oana may have had a family before. Considering what she has been through she is a very friendly girl, enjoys human contact and gets on with the other dogs. Oana is fine with cats and children over the age of 7.

Oana deserves the right to a loving home and a family to care for her.

Oana will be fully vaccinated, chipped, dewormed and deflead and have an EU pass port ready to travel.



ADOPTED LIN =IB LIN 7 to 8 year old female terrier cross needing a forever home

Lin is a sweet little old lady and has been in the Radauti shelter for 6 months now, brought in by the dog catchers. It is not known whether she has had a family before or why she ended up on the streets fending for her self.

Lin is a sweet friendly girl that enjoys human company and cuddles and fusses.

The shelters are no place for these older dogs or any dog for that matter, under funded, limited time and staff who do the best they can with what they have.

The shelters are freezing in the winter and they cannot afford to heat them properly.

Lin just needs a loving home in her tender years, she will be fully vaccinated and chipped and have her own pass port.



ADOPTED - MALIN : IB MALIN 2 yearold female possible basset cross small/medium size needing a forever home

Malin taken to the Radauti shelter in Romania by the dogcatchers. It is not known if she has had a family before or simply a stray fending for herself on the streets, facing starvation, being beaten, hit by traffic or being killed for money.

Malin is a sweet girl who craves affection and loves contact with the volunteers and jumps up to greet them, she is friendly with every one including the other dogs sharing the kennels with her.

She is small to medium size so would suit somewhere with a smallish garden or yard.

Malin loves to do tricks and likes to stand on her hind legs and "dance", it is not know if she is child friendly so a family with children under the age of 7 would not be advised.

Malin will be fully vaccinated, chipped, dewormed and have an EU pass port ready to travel.


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