Thursday, 3 January 2013



ADOPTED - Sara, 7 month Female Collie Cross rescued from starvation and a life of hell, now looking for a forever home.

Little Sara was found trembling with fear in a ditch by the the side of the road next to a busy highway where she had been dumped by her heartless abuser.  Sara was extremely lucky to have been spotted and found by her rescuer, because out of hatred for stray dogs, many drivers in Romania go out of there way, even to change lanes all in an attempt to kill dogs that are on or by the side of the road. 
Many of these poordefenseless animals have no choice but to venture on the roads, to cross them in the search of food and water or else they will starve to death or die of dehydration normally both. 

That is if they make it safely across the road without being deliberately run over ( Hence why there are so many dead dogs or ones who are paralyzedpulling themselves along on there front legs because of broken spines in the search of food)

If baby Sara had not been rescued, death or paralysis would have been her fate.
However food was what her rescuer used to lure her from the ditch, she was so scared, absolutely petrified but her hunger thankfully got the better of her and she was immediately picked up and put into the rescuers car and after the first meal probably this small pup has ever had, she was taken to the vets. 

At the veterinary clinic, it was found that due to lack of food, and Sarah being forced to eat anything she could find along the roadside she was suffering from severe diarrhea.

The vet concluded it was more than likely a severe toxic reaction to intestinal worms caused by this little puppy having to do what she could for herself to survive along the highway. 

She stayed at the vet for almost 2 weeks until she was back on her feet and made excellent progress. 

Sara was saved from enduring a horrific life, all that Sarah needs now to make her rescue complete is a forever home. Somewhere she will never know fear or starvation again, somewhere she will know only cuddles and a tender hand unlike the physically abuse she also went through prior to being dumped by that highway. 

Sara is a very good little puppy, Though she is now starting to realise it is safe to explore the world around her and enjoys playing with toys ( something before she never knew) she is still a quiet, loving, and delicate little dog though she has a cheeky side to her now. 
It is amazing that considering before her rescue she was treated so badly by humans that this has not deterred her. She still loves the attention of humans, it really is as though she has not given up hope of finding that one kind hearted human who will love her, and want her to be part of their life.

We hope that through this listing we can help her in that search. If you can open your heart and home to this amazing and brave little girl please contact our charity as soon as possible.

Little Sara has: 
Fully vaccinated including required anti rabies 
Spayed ( shortly)
De wormed
De flead
Has her own EU Pet Passport


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