Thursday, 3 January 2013


ADOPTED = APO - Bumbo 4 yr old Dacshund mix male needing a forever home

This delightful little man was left alone after his elderly owners died, he was then found a home and the owner turned out to be irrisponsible and was not looking after him properly so he was taken away from him and he is now yet again looking for that forever home. Bumbo is a sweet little boy who just loves to be out on his leash, loves to play and has a snuggle addiction...he loves to be cuddled, so as you can see he loves human company. Bumbo gets on very well with other dogs but is not used to cats.

Bumbo is fully vaccinated, dewormed, chipped and neutered.


ADOPTED - SNOW =IB 4 to 5 yr old small female possible terrier cross needing a forever home

Snow abandoned on the streets of Romania facing starvation, beatings, being killed by traffic or even killed for money, having to fight to survive.

Snow is now in the Radauti shelter where the conditions are not great, they have very few funds and resources to run the shelter.

Snow is a pleasant little girl who gets on well with every one, all she wants is a forever home, not shelter life.
 Snow will be fully vaccinated and chipped ready for her new home.



Adopted! Minky=DD aprox 2 year old female terrier type cross needing a forever home

Minky found on the streets fending for herself, it is not known if she has had an owner before, whether she has gotten lost, been abandoned or born on the streets.

a kind lady took Minky in and cleaned her up and fed her, unfortunately this lady only has a small apartment and her own animals to see to so unfortunately Minky is now in a public shelter, but this lady can visit Minky every day and see how she is getting on.

Minky has been vaccinated and spayed, and gets on well with people, she seems to have a soft gentle nature. A family with older children would probably be better, as it is not known how well she gets on with smaller children or cats.

Minky just needs a forever home, she is a young healthy dog and not to old to train.


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