Thursday, 6 October 2016


BESSIE - 1 Year Old Small Size Female- Adopted

Just look at that cheeky face, this is Bessie. 1 year old small size female who was found wandering a parking lot, lost, alone and very scared.

This most lovely girl was trying to survive on her own, obviously abandoned as she is so use to being around humans. But this is what people do in some countries, when they get bored and a dog stops being a puppy they drive miles away from the home and abandon them.

In her foster home in Croatia she is an absolute delight. She is funny, cheeky and just so lovable. Adores playtime, fusses and all the attention she can get.

She interacts very well with the others dogs, some she takes a little longer to get use to, no agression has been shown by this little sweetheart and after a short time she adores everyone and everything.

She has asperations of being a great hunter, she tries to catch flies, frogs, insects, even mice. However she cant quite get the nack of it and none have suffered any ill fate at Bessies hunting technuqies though this doesnt stop her trying.

This sweet girl needs a home that will never abandon her again, where she will be loved, cared for and to be part of the family.

Bessie is:
Fully Vaccinated
Fully APHA Complaint for travel

Will come with
Full rescue back up for life
4 weeks free incurance ( triggered by adopter)
Free chip reg

If you require more information or are intersted in adopting this sweet girl please do contact us or alternatively complete an enquiry form and we will contact you once recieved.

AAFA Ref: Bessie/Dajana/Cro
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Monday, 3 October 2016


Samson, a beautiful 2 year old medium sized male for adoption

This is Samson a beautiful 2 year old medium sized castrated male.

This sweet boy was saved from a horrific killing station and right now is safe in his foster home.

Samson has a wonderful character. He is Easy going, Very affectionate and playful.
Adores all humans and gets along with most dogs that he meets.

Video of Samson and his foster families resident dog here

He has shown no aggression or possession issues in his foster home. Has no anxiety issues when left at home, in fact he is very quiet and will lay in his bed and sleep until his foster family returns home.

Samson is best suited to a home with no small furries or cats as he has not been tested yet and because of his alertness he may give chase. When he is out on the lead especially in woodlands he pulls quite strongly when he smells the local wildlife, so we would not suggest a home with cats/rabbits etc

He has a moderate energy level so as well as a good walk he loves to snuggle in his bed or just chill around the home. However when out and about if he catches smell of a wildlife he can start to tug at the lead. But a Halti would stop him from doing this so not really an issue.

His foster mummy tells us he is very good in the home. He is learning his name and basic commands.

In general Samson is a laid back beautiful loving boy, always very happy to see and greet you - he's very adventurous and likes to explore, he also enjoys sunbathing in the garden.
Samson's ideal home would be within a family where he can get all the love he deserves. He's great with children and adults alike.

Samson is:
Fully Vaccinated
Vet Checked
Comes with 4 weeks free insurance ( triggered by adopter when they get him home)
Free Microchip registration to adopter

If you have fallen for this amazing boy and are interested in adopting him or would like more information please do contact us

Alternatively fill in our online application form

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