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Adopted! astra 1.5yrs old female german shepherd mix needing a forever home

Astra is a lovely sweet girl, rescued from death row for dogs in one of the most vilest public dog shelters imaginable in Croatia. Here the inmates face starvation and daily physical and mental abuse by the shelter workers. Rescuers break their hearts to go in regularly to save what dogs they can from this hideous place. Now you would think to be euthanised would for some be a salvation for these dogs, and if they were euthanised humanely this possibly could be true. However, this country and its treatment of dogs is not like we know in the UK. The most savage and cheapest methods are used to kill dogs so Astra literally was rescued from certain torture after spending so long in this hell hole for dogs.

What is even more heartbreaking is Astra was obviously a family pet, she knew what it was to live in a home, but like so many in Croatia and elsewhere in this part of Europe she was cruelly abandoned when they got fed up with her, after all they have a choice of tiny puppies living as strays on street corners to pick up and take in, then discarding their current pets like rubbish. Destined for an uncertain and no doubt cruel future.

Astra is now safe in foster and is ready to find her real forever home, one where she wont be discarded, let down by the humans she herself is so loyal to, the ones she loves and sees as her family.

Astra has such a loving nature considering what she has been through, she still adores humans and loves interaction whether it is being fussed, playing games or simply being taken for a walk on the leash.

She has such a gentle soul and what has been noted is that some of the other dogs that are also in foster alongside Astra tend to gang up on her and pick on her, Astra in the doggy world is known as a submissive character. This means her stay in the public dog shelter was made even worse and they do not separate timid dogs from aggressive, females from males, sick from the healthy. This means it is a fight for survival and proving your dominance in the pack ( that kennel) and Astra would not have stood a chance.

Ideally Astra would suit a family where she would be the only dog or where there is a friendly dog already established in the household. She does like interaction and play with other dogs, as long as they are not bullies.

This little girl desperately needs a forever home, where she will have family and doggy friends who love her as much as she loves them. Can you make this a reality for Astra?

If so please contact our charity as soon as possible.

Astra is:
Fully vaccinated (including Anti Rabies)
Has her own EU pet passport

Our charity will organise everything for Astra to reach her new adoptive family in the UK (pending successful homecheck) So please do let distance put you off from offering this angel a home.

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