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SUNDAY, 10 JUNE 2012

ADOPTED Leo, Male, approx 2 years old, needing forever home.

Leo was one of six siblings living on the streets in a residential area of Romania. Living as strays they lived on scraps of food thrown to them, and this is how workers at a nearby factory found it possible to poison them. Luckily all six survived having been found and very quickly treated after the poisoning.

The seven yound dogs were taken into foster care and one by one they have been adopted. But Leo is still waiting. He can be very shy at first, which isn't surprising considering in the early days they had no contact with humans. However, once he gets to know you Leo is very friendly and loving and enjoys playing as well as being petted and fussed.

The people at the foster care do as much as they can but they have to share their time between many dogs. Leo desperately need that very special forever home where he can get all the love and attention he loves so much...and also deserves.

Leo, is great with people, once he gets to know them. He is also good with other dogs as he is introduced to new ones regularly at the foster placement.

He is micro chipped, fully vaccinated and de-wormed and neutered.


SUNDAY, 10 JUNE 2012

ADOPTED Joy - Male, approx 4 years old, Terrier cross.

Joy was wandering the streets of Romania, under constant threat of being beaten, starving and alone. In 2009 he was found lying in agony with a fracture of the back leg. The good people who found him took him to the vet and after several operations the leg was mended and Joy is now completely recovered.

Since then Joy has lived in a shelter, spending most days in  kennel. The staff have no time to soend with individual dogs so it is a very lonely existence..that has been his life for 3 years. Often Joy is sad and tired, but when the staff do have to to spend with him his eyes light up and he becomes full of life and energy.
Joy desperately needs to have a forever home where he can feel like that all the time !!

Joy loves the attention of humans, loves to be petted and played with and is very much a peoples dog. He is alright around other dogs but can be a bit dominant with them.

Joy is fully vaccinated, neutered and micro chipped.

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