Wednesday, 30 January 2013


ADOPTED NERO = IB 4 year old male small/medium size possible terrier /collie mix needing a forever home

Nero, it is not known if he has had a family before, he was taken to the shelter from the streets by the dog catcher. Life on the streets for these dogs is very dangerous indeed, they face starvation, beatings, being ran over, tortured or even killed for money, not to mention illness and disease.

 Nero is a friendly little boy who seems to get on well with every one, including dogs, cats and children, though a family with children over the age of 7 would be advised.

He is small to medium size so he would be suitable for the smaller home. Nero just wants to be loved and have that forever family.

He will be fully vaccinated, chipped and have a pass port ready to travel.



ADOPTED :IB Mosu 10 yr old male Romanian timber cross needing a forever home

Mosu has spent most of his life on a chain in his owners yard, finaly he managed to escape and was taken to the shelter by the dog catchers.

He is a friendly dog and enjoys human company, which is amazing considering he was chained up most of his life.

Mosu is showing some signs of arthritis in his back legs again not helped by the fact he spent most of his life outside and in the harsh winters too, but apart from that he is a happy healthy dog.

Mosu will be fully vaccinated, neutered, chipped and pass ported ready for a new home.


MONDAY, 11 JUNE 2012

ADOPTED Prince, male approx 2 years old.Shepherd cross.

.Prince and his brother Teddy are currently being looked after by residents in a neighbourhood in Romania. They are, if you like..communal dogs. However this is no good as a long term life for them and they so desperately need a forever home. On the streets they are at risk from dog catchers who would take them to a shelter. The type of shelters they go to in this way are horrendous places where dogs are not cared for or loved..and often not even fed. For the most part these dogs are just left to die.
Prince is about 40 cm tall and he is very athletic so will need a lot of excercising. He is very very friendly to people, including children and gets on with cats and other dogs. He shows no aggression and when set upon by some stray dogs in the area preffered to run away than to fight.
Prince has never lived in a house and may take some time to adapt and so would be best with experienced owners.
Prince will be vaccinated, neutered and micro chipped by July.

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