Wednesday, 30 January 2013

ADOPTED - Little Panda


ADOPTED - Little Panda - 1 year old female Pekingese cross. rescued from certain death now looking for her very own forever home

This tiny princess is called Panda. She was cruelly abandoned by her family and just left to defend herself and fight for food on the cruel streets of Romania where dogs are treated like vermin.

As you can imagine, this poor little thing did not stand a chance and needless to say she was a prime target for the hated dog catchers who hunt the dogs, retrieve them in the cruelest of ways ( many dogs are lucky to make it back to the shelters alive from the dog catchers vans) where the dogs then normally die of starvation, illness or killed by other more aggressive dogs who are just trying to survive in such a hideous place.

Our network of rescuers who visit such public shelters to help the dogs inside and also to scan for any that they know will either be dog food themselves or will be abused and used cruelly by the public shelter workers (Some workers use the dogs for dog fights,and for bait dogs. Also for other things we simply cannot add to this listing) Little Panda was one of those dogs spotted by the rescuers. She was terrified and weak from hunger, this poor little girl was in amongst dogs 10 times her own size she simply would not have stood a chance.

So she choose to try and make herself even smaller ( if that is possible) and was cowering against a wall in the corner of the kennels hoping that the larger more aggressive and starving dogs would not see her.

Thankfully the rescuers saw her, and immediately set to bargain her freedom with one of the shelter workers there. After this was gained, this sweet little angel was taken to a vets to be checked over and then into a lovely foster ladies home where she is now being cared for, fed properly and shown lots of attention and love.

Why was Panda abandoned? Who knows, and there is no reason behind this. She is great with other dogs ( if they are friendly) people, kids and even cats. What we know from experience is  that in Romania, there are so many strays around they have no value. They are picked from street corners by kids, then when they get older and lost there puppy cuteness they are thrown back onto the streets knowing full well the likely hood of them surviving even a few months will be unlikely.

What little Panda needs right now, is a forever home somewhere she knows she is safe, loved and cared for. Somewhere she will realise that not all humans want to hurt her, not all humans will abandon her, that in fact some humans are really quite nice and will want her as part of their family.

If this is you , and you can offer this sweet little girl a home, please contact our charity as soon as possible

Panda is:
Good with friendly dogs
Good with humans ( even wee ones)
Good with cats

Has been:
Anti Rabies
Fully Vaccinated
Has had Vet check
Has her own EU Pet Passport

Little Panda may not be everyone's cup of tea, but to us and we hope her new family, she is an amazingly brave little dog who incredibly survived one of the most animal abusive countries in the EU...This we believe makes her one very special little dog.

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