Thursday, 27 December 2012

ADOPTED Mia - 2 year old female - Heinz variety Shephard/Corgi mix.

Mia is a 2 years old, medium size female dog, who got hit by a car in the autumn of 2011. She had surgery to fix her pelvis and now she is doing great, running and feeling good, just like any able bodied dog.
She tends to be jealous of other dogs, trying to get all the attention for herself, so she’s becoming a little aggressive towards them sometimes.  This is why we are looking for a special forever home where she would be able to get all the attention, so only her being the special furry angel of the house.
She shows no aggression to humans, she’s playful and affectionate.
She’s about 45 cm high.
If you could offer this little one what she needs, please contact us as soon as possible

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