Thursday, 27 December 2012

Sadness=AO Zara= DM

ADOPTED=AO Sadness 3yr old female shepherd cross medium.large size needing a forever home

Sadness living in an area where a kindergarden is built and soon to be thrown onto the streets of Romania, where she will stand little chance of survival. Strays are treated with no kindness at all, most starving to death or being beaten to death and even killed for money.

Sadness is used to people and very loving and gentle, she is spayed, vaccinated and dewormed, she just needs a loving forever home.



ADOPTED DM Zara, 2 year old terrier. Needing forever home.

This lovely girl is Zara. Zara was seen outside a supermarket looking terrified, cold and undernourished. A rescue team were called and on approaching the dog they realised she could not move very well at all. Despite her fear Zara let a member of the team approach her and it was then they realized she had a very serious crush injury to her back leg.
Zara was taken to a vet who unfortunately had to remove the injured leg. However this does not seem to have caused a problem at all with Zara. After being in foster care a short while, with good food and good care she is very healthy and only having three legs does not stop her at all. Despite her past Zara adores people. She comes rushing to greet anyone who comes to say hello and is a very affectionate dog. She now needs someone very special to give her a forever home. Zara is good with cats and other dogs.
Zara is fully vaccinated.


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