Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Prince, Wolfy

ADOPTED - PRINCE =DD Male aprox 4 to 5 yrs old small size possible Corgi cross needing a forever home

This handsome little fella is living near a block of flats and sleeping in a box, which is not good as the Romanian winter is on it's way, and they are very harsh indeed. A kind lady is feeding Prince and he is being watched all the time.

He does have a slight limp though no fractures or breaks have been found and he manages to get around really, the limp does not affect his walking too much.

Prince is a friendly little boy and has shown no aggression towards those that have been feeding him, though it is not know how he is with young children or cats.

Prince has been fully vaccinated and neutered and will have a pass port ready to travel. He desperately needs off the streets before winter comes.


  Adopted! WOLFY=IB 3 year old male possible shepherd/collie cross needing a forever home

Wolfy, aptly name because of her appearance. Abandoned by her owner, left to fend for her self.

He is now in the Radauti shelter which is not the best of places, but they do their best with what they have, they cannot give the dogs the attention and care they need due to lack of funds and resources.

Wolfy is a friendly pleasant boy, who gets on well with people and other dogs.

He just needs that forever home and not the shelter life she has at the moment. He will be fully vaccinated, spayed, chipped and have a pass port ready to travel.


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