Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Pufi, Minnie

 PUFI = DG 2 to 3 month old female pup terrier mix needing a forever home

This gorgeous sweet little girl was found on the streets of Romania, she is only a baby only about 2 to 3 months old. She was cold and starving. Luckily for Pufi a kind lady took her in, but she can not keep her for long as she only has a small home an other animals. Pufi did not have any chance of survival on the streets and she desperately needs a home. She is eating well and has been dewormed and soon to be vaccinated. Give this little girl the home she deserves.


ADOPTED - MINNIE =APO 2 to 3 month old female puppy possible small staffie tyoe cross needing a forever home

This little girl was found by the side of a road on the streets of Osijek, she had multiple fractures to her hip and back leg, they were left to heal on their own and the fact she has survived is amazing, it is thought she was either hit or stamped on.

For all she has suffered such injuries in her so far short life, she is a happy healthy playful pup and enjoys cuddles.

Minnie walks with a limp as her back leg is crooked due to her injuries but this does not hold her back she is very mobile. due to her injuries she may need treatment in the future. Minnie is fully vaccinated and chipped, though too young to be spayed at the moment.

Minnie just needs that forever home now.


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