Friday, 9 November 2012

Nera, Suzy, Kuki

ADOPTED = PH Nera, female approx 7 months old. Labrador cross. Needing forever home.

This is the beautiful Nera. She was found when only a couple of months old wandering the streets alone. She was very confused and frightened and was obviously under nourished.
Nera was rescued and although she was frightened at first it did not take her long to trust the people around her. With good care and good food she is now the gorgeous girl we see in thesee photographs. Nera is playful and energetic..but is equally happy relaxing being fussed and petted. She is greeat with other dogs and with cats aswell. She now needs a forever home where she can be safe, secure and loved for the rest of her days.
Nera is fully vaccinated, spayed and de-wormed

ADOPTED = PH Suzy 4.5 month old female lab/collie mix medium size needinf a forever home

Suzy is a lovely little girl, but sadly she and her siblings where not wanted by their family, the family even tried to poison them.

Suzy and her sister are now in foster being cared for, which means Selena is used to a family environment.

She is a very loving and friendly little lady and just loves the company of people and other dogs.

Homes have been found for three of Suzy's siblings, we just needs loving forever home for Suzy and her sister.
Suzy will be a welcome addition to any family and will be a loving loyal dog.

Suzy will be fully vaccinated, dewormed and chipped ready for her new family.


ADOPTED = PH Kuki, four year old shepherd cross needing forever home.

Kuki is a very handsome 4 year old who was found some time ago wandering thee streets. He was in constant danger of being attacked by local people or picked up by dog catchers who use the most horrific shelters where dogs rarely survive for any amount of time. Kuki was underweight and very nervous.
After some time being cared for and fed good food Kuki is now a very fit and healthy dog. He is shy at first with new people but it takes him a very short time to feel trust and to be relaxed. Once he is relaxed around a person he is very affectionate and loving. Kuki now needs a forever home where he can get all the love and affection he needs...and give his love and affetion in return. Kuki does not like ccats but is alright with other dogs. Kuki is fully vacciated, de-wormed and neutered.


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