Friday, 2 November 2012


ADOPTED = PH/EV Rexi 3 month old male shepherd cross needing a forever home.

Rexi saved from the dangers of a busy road and the streets. He had been bitten by an older dog and was in a terrible state. total hair loss and digestive problems, but with plenty of care and attention, he is now back to full health.

Rexi is now a happy, healthy, mischievious little boy and doing what pups his age should be doing. he is a loving little boy and gets on well with other dogs too.

All Rexi needs now is that forever home and some one to love and care for him.

Rexi is fully vaccinated, chipped, delfead and dewormed.


ADOPTED =PH Blanco 6 months old shepherd type cross needing a forever home

Blanco was found on the streets of Romania, like so many of the dogs out there. Fighting to survive facing starvation, beatings, tortured or being killed by traffic or for money. Blanco is now in a small shelter being cared for, he is a happy healthy little boy that just loves to be fussed and cuddled and to play. Blanco gets on well with the dogs and just adore human contact. Blanco is fully vaccinated, chipped, neutered and has his own pass port.


ADOPTED =PH/EV Pipi 3 months old female shepherd mix needing a forever home

Dumped in a dumpster when she was born along with her siblings, luckily some one saw them and they are now in shelter being cared for.

One of the other female dogs who had just had pups adopted Pipi and her siblings.

After being saved from certain death, Pipi is now doing very well and being the puppy she is supposed to be, happy ,healthy, playful and michievious.

Pipi deserves a forever home after her poor start, she is fully vaccinated, chipped, deflead and dewormed.


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