Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Dobi, Matilda

Dobi the gentle giant was found in a field starving. he is now in foster and gaining weight nicely. He would died of starvation if he had not been rescued.

Dobi is a gentle giant and just craves love and attention, he is brilliant with children and people, he gets on well with other dogs, but does not get on with cats. Dobi walks on a leash with no great effort and is house trained, he will make a lovely addition to any family. He has a lot of love to give and all he wants is a loving forever home, he really is a big softy.

Dobi is fully vaccinated, neutured, dewormed and chipped.


Matilda 2 and half yr old female, spaniel-terrier mix medium to large size dog needing a forever home.

Matilda was living on the streets until some one at a warehouse showed her a little affection and she made her self quite at home, but now they no longer want her and is at risk of being put back on the streets.

Matilda is a very friendly, loyal and loving dog and does not deserve this, what she does deserve is a loving forever home.

Matilda will be spayed next week and the people at the ware house have promised to keep her for a little while longer, until a home  is found for her.

Matilda can be a bit vocal, but that is because she does not like to miss any thing and craves attention. She just loves the company of people.

Please give Matilda a chance and giver her that forever home she deserves.
Matilda will be fully vaccinated and dewormed and microchipped.


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