Monday, 19 November 2012


ADOPTED=NM Nony 6 month old lab cross male needing a forever home

 Nony is a shy little boy, found abandoned in a fired, left to die of starvation, he is now in foster and doing very well. naturally he is a bit weary of people but is starting to come round and gain trust.

Nony gets on well with other dogs and is starting to interact more and more with the humans and learning to play, he just needs time and patience and reassurance.  With lots of love, attention and security Nony will soon learn that he is going to be loved and safe.

Nony is fully vaccinated, neutered, chipped and dewormed.


ADOPTED Enzo 1 yrs 5 months Rottweiler cross male needing a forever home

Enzo was found by pure luck, a rescue worker was driving down the high way when she saw him run out of the forest near the busy road.

She managed to catch him and get him to the rescue. Enzo had been dumped in a parking lot near the forest and just left to starve to death basically.

Enzo has turned out to be a very loving dog. Once they gained his confidence and got him settled into the rescue, they saw just how bad he was, very under weight, covered in sores, dehydrated and a very frightened little boy, but now after vets treatment and now living in foster care he is doing very well. Enzo is now becoming a very cheeky playful little chap, he adores human company, loves to go on long walks. He gets on well with dogs, cats and children.
Enzo is gaining weight nicely and is a happy healthy boy. All that is needed now is that forever home.

Enzo is fully vaccinated, chipped, dewormed and neutered.


ADOPTED:PH LULU shepherd mix 4 month old female medium size needing a forever home

Lulu was found outside a supermarket begging for food, she was rescued and taken into foster.Lulu's chances of survival on the streets would have been virtually nil, stray dogs are beaten, starving to death and even killed for money.

Lulu is now a happy playful little puppy in a loving foster home, she gets on very well with other dogs, cats and humans. Lulu is doing what 4 month old puppies should be doing and that is getting into every thing, she would make an ideal addition to any family and the advantage of being so young is that she can be trained and will learn and adjust to things very quickly.

Lulu is fully vaccinated, de-wormed, , chipped and has her own passport.


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