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ADOPTED - Button, 18 month gentle and friendly little Terrier cross in desperate need of a forever home

Button truly is a joy to have around. Very friendly, loves fuss and attention, non dominant and gets along with other dogs and also cats.

This little girl had to spend part of her life in what was one of the worst public shelters in Romania. Here she would have seen other dogs being brutally killed by the dog catchers, others being forced to eat the bodies of fellow dogs who had died of starvation before them. Just so many things that we dare not list them on here or else you would have nightmares if you knew everything that goes on in such places over there.

Now, Button has been rescued and is safe and sound in our sanctuary. She has everything she possibly could need except one thing...She needs a forever home.

This little princess as we have said above is gentle, friendly and loves humans. She is more submissive than dominant and needs to either be the only dog in the house or within a home with another dog friendly K9 companion just like her.

Button is:

Please, if you can offer this loely little dog a home please contact us today.
Eu Pet passport


ADOPTED = IB Angie 3 to 4 yr old female small to medium size, Romanian timber type dog

Angie is a sweet loving little girl, who adores people and other animals, as you can see from the photograph. She has had an owner before and they probably grew tired of her or probably wanted another dog, or even moved house and decided to leave Angie behind, which is often the way in Romania.

Angie apparently loves a bath, will sit while her nails are being clipped and even lets you check her teeth. she is a sweet gentle dog that just wants love and affection, she has been tried in a home environment and is showing signs of being house trained.

Angie is fully vaccinated, chipped, spayed and will have a pass port ready to travel to her new home.


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