Saturday, 7 June 2014


Milla is approx. one and a half ( max two ) years old , she is Labrador retriever mix , white long coated beauty with gorgeous mellow temper . 
She was found on the outskirts of Sarajevo ,near the free way ,with her two 4 month old puppies (from her first litter) and her new litter of puppies ( 7 puppies just 25 days old ....) She was starved ,full of wounds but such a sweetheart and such a kind dog .. We took the two sick 4 month old puppies (Laurel and Hardy ), placed them in a Pension (are now fully recovered and also seeking a home and are also completely travel ready and as mellow as their mom ) and placed Milla with her still breast feeding puppies to a foster.

Unfortunately, soon after , the puppies got parvo and died in the matter of hours ... I immediately took poor Milla and fostered her in my apartment because she was so sad and did not stop seeking her puppies for 10 days .... When she was recovered ,and her milk vanished,I took her to be spayed and to get her Rabies vaccine and to do the whole vet check up ,passport and everything... 

 Milla was then reunited with her two grown up boys Laurel and Hardy at a very nice Pension like foster where she has been since .


 She has been leash trained, she is the most assertive and mellow dog I have ever met . She is very affectionate to puppies and kids .Very loyal and obedient.  Loves humans. Has no issues what so ever ! She is like a stuffed toy,you can cuddle her,you can kiss her and all she wants is more and more :) 

 Milla is travel ready (has received all her vaccines, Rabies, has been de-wormed with Panacur , is used to being brushed regularly and taken to the Pet grooming salon , has been treated with Advocate ,is micro-chipped and is spayed ) .
She goes along great with other dogs,regardless of their size or temperament . 
Is good with cats ,chicken and other animals ( she will not harm them but she will not also play with them) .

Due to her having had a litter puppies and to summer period,her coat has shed so it will grow back as it is seen on the first photos .
A home check up is must for the potential adopter,as well as signing the adoption agreement , some update from time to time from the adopter would be nice as I treat Milla like she is my own skin-and-bones <3  This would cover the Pension debt and to buy the EU certificate (which is not included in the kind donation for the transport costs).The adoption fee would be  £70 . 

If you have some more questions or want some more photos ,please mail me .
This is Milla's Facebook Album (it is Public,so you can see more photos and the original Posting when we first found them all ).

Name: Milla
Age: 2 Years Approx
Sex: Female
Spayed: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
Ref: Mia O┼żegovi

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