Friday, 6 June 2014


Gita was born among the garbage, his mother was abandoned by her so caled loving owner when he found out she was having puppies. Just thrown away like a piece of scrap paper, left to fend for her self and her babies.

Gita is an adorable little girl who is now in a safe house along with her mum and siblings. Though they fear they will not have the safe house much longer.But for now they are safe from the dangers of the streets, starvation, beatings, torture or seriously injured or killed by the busy traffic.

Gita is a happy healthy little girl, who loves to play with her siblings and the other dogs in her shelter. She enjoys her cuddles and fusses from the carers that come in every day to feed them . Gita is just the right age to be adopted, young enough to adapt to a family situation and new surroundings, and she will be eager to learn new things, all she needs now is that chance of a loving home and to prove what she can do. Please offer this little girl a loving home.


She is 5 months old now, all her 4 siblings are adopted in UK and only she is left now. She is in the safe house with her mum and other female doggie. She is almost fully house trained, she knows on the leash and also when of leash she comes when called and is very obedient. She likes other dogs,her food, car rides and all in all one excellent puppy who is tired of spending days inside the safe house and wants a home of her own, and humans of her own =)

Fully vaccinated to legal requirements for travel
EU passport
Too young to be spayed just yet.

REF: Adriana Popovic

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