Friday, 6 June 2014


 Dona is a baby whose time has nearly run out already, if she isn't offered a home she will be killed as dogs in the public shelter have only 60 days to find a home.  Dona's death date was 28.09.13 and her case is very urgent as the shelter can't provide extensions to the death date if they are over crowded.     

Dona may have escaped a miserable existence, a life of hunger, desperation cruelty and abuse on the street to be taken to the public shelter but life in the pound is horrific by any standard. The food is given very sparingly, fights are frequent and care and love are non-existent apart from when volunteers visit to feed the dogs.  They get them ready to travel and promote them in the hope they are adopted.

Dona is only 10 kgs so will be a small to medium sized dog.  She is an absolute beauty and deserves a better life, a home and to be loved.  She will repay that many times with her companionship and loyalty and would be a wonderful addition to a family.  She is a sweet girl who adores people and other dogs.

 Please get in touch urgently if you can offer Dona a home. This gorgeous girl needs you desperately.

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