Friday, 6 June 2014


Oliver was found as a young puppy in a cardboard box by a busy road.  He has been in the care of a local NGO for over a year and a half with no enquiry whatsoever.  They honestly don't understand it as he is truly lovable and also a beautiful dog who glows in the sun.  

He is very cuddly and friendly and loves everyone and everything.  He is suitable to live with cats, dogs and children. 

  He doesn't need a very active home as he is not so energetic and prefers gentle cuddles.    Please give Oliver the chance to live in a family, he will make a wonderful companion and friend.

Name: Oliver
Gender: male
Breed: retriever mix

Born: May 2012
Vacc./chipped: yes
Neutered: yes

Location: Da sapu! Vukovar shelter in Vukovar

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