Friday, 6 June 2014


Aramis is 3 years old. He and his twin have had the saddest of lives despite being such lovely dogs. Until they were rescued just 2 months ago they had lived in a run down old building with very little light-just a few small rays coming through some tiny slats in the wood.  With no access to the outside world they had never felt grass beneath their feet or been able to run free. There was very little food or water and the shared this horrendous home with 5 other dogs.

They all lay in urine and faeces and were covered in fleas and ticks, irritating their skin and making it very sore.  There was no fresh air and in the winter it would have been bitterly cold but they had no bedding to give them warmth or comfort.

When they were found all 7 dogs were cowering in the corner, obviously unused to human contact. Their eyes had no sign of life, they were just and weary of surviving not living !! Their coats were matted and they hard sores and wounds.

The rescuers saw a woman coming towards them and asked her for information regarding the dogs.
It transpired that the ‘shed’ was owner by this lady and an elderly gentleman was actually paying her to ‘kennel’ them in this hell hole. Shockingly the dogs had lived in these conditions for 2 years. Despite her protest the dogs were removed.

It took a while for any of the dogs to get used to human contact. Aramis Was very nervous at first, especially when they tried to take him out, because he had been so young the last time he had seen the sunshine and walked in the fresh air, it seemed like the unknown to him. There were so many noises and smells that he didn’t know, or understand.

After some time and a lot of care at the rescue Adoptii Catei this handsome boy started to regain his confidence.  He also started to feel much better when they clipped his coat, flea and tick treated him and put ointment on his sores and wounds.  But now … needs a forever home where they can have comfort, love and care for the rest of their lives.

Because of the horrific life Aramis has had he will need a more experienced owner. He absolutely adopters humans, despite what has happened to him. He is also good with children and other dogs. He is however still nervous of the big out doors and needs training on the leader. However he is very intelligent and learns quickly. He is getting more confident every week and has a huge amount of love that he likes to share with everyone around him. Aramis shows no aggression at all to anyone. We would suggest a home with no cats as they have not had exposure to them.

This gorgeous boy deserves to know a good life after all he has suffered. He just needs that special family to make his wish come true.

Fully vaccinated (inc Rabies)





EU passport.
Adoptii Catei

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